ShoreTel Support Education

ShoreTel Workgroups and Huntgroups Explained

Have you ever called into a business and all you hear is ringing, wondering if anyone is going to answer your call?  Working with your ShoreTel solution you have a couple of options to choose from so your callers aren't left wondering. 

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ShoreTel Upgrades Demystified

Best Practices and Considerations when Performing a ShoreTel Upgrade.

Imagine buying a computer and knowing that whenever the manufacturer improves the software, you can ask for an upgrade. And imagine that the computer company only makes one kind of computer, so they are focused on making the best damn computer on the market. That’s the situation with ShoreTel on premise UC solutions. The hardware may stay the same, but the brain that runs the whole show? That is constantly getting improved. Running Office 2016? No problem. Using Gmail instead of Outlook? No problem. Using Windows 8.1? Ouch, sorry about that.  

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ShoreTel User Guide - Fully Utilizing Your Collaboration Suite

As business owners and IT administrators it is your job to provide tools that maximize productivity within your organization. Modern voice applications, such as the collaboration suite provided by ShoreTel is making the task of empowering your workforce easier than ever before. But is your team using the tools you have invested in? The following is a list of valuable resources to share with your end users as well as best practices for launching a service appliance within a ShoreTel environment.

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ShoreTel Implementation Guide: Successfully Launch Your Collaboration Suite

There are several elements to consider and decisions to make before you launch your new collaboration solution.  The most important being: consider how your organization currently leverages collaboration software and set goals based on what you feel can be improved on. The following article will assist in this thought process and prove to be a valuable resource for new and experienced ShoreTel Administrators.

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30 Minute ShoreTel Training Sessions:


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