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Our Mission

With over three decades of experience, Matrix Networks has developed a proven method for discovering, testing, deploying & supporting business technology solutions that our clients can depend on. Our close knit team is passionate about delivering technology solutions that simplify IT projects & support.  Whether your goal is improving Unified Communications, Network Infrastructure, Connectivity Strategies, WIFI or Cloud Services, our success is yours! 


Matrix Networks History

Founded in 1984 by David Ness, Matrix Networks got its start by supporting and installing key system PBX phone systems. Embracing the rise of Internet dependency and BYOD initiatives, Matrix Networks began incorporating the installation and maintenance of WIFI systems for both hospitality and enterprise clients. Offering cloud solutions, including cloud phone systems, became the next natural migration as organizations began to see the benefits of cloud-enabled business technology. However, simply offering cloud solutions is not enough! 

Today, Matrix Networks continues to embrace a "network first" approach to communication partnerships. We collaborate with clients across the globe to provide innovative unified communication solutions supported by optimized networks, and backed by proprietary connectivity services that separate Matrix Networks from the rest. 





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Going Beyond Connectivity

At Matrix Networks, we take pride in building reliable, easy to manage solutions that optimize business communication environments. Matrix Networks provides a singular partner for all you communication and connectivity needs. With voice and collaboration tools supported by an optimized Internet experience, our clients are able to thrive in today's fast paced business technology landscape. We stay on the cutting edge so that you don't have to!


Matrix Networks Pro-Techs

At Matrix Networks, we take pride in providing technical expertise that goes above and beyond the average service provider experience. Leveraging over 3 decades of experience, Pro-Techs are at the core of what separates Matrix Networks from the competition.

  • Pro-Techs average 12 years of tenure with Matrix Networks
  • Pro-Techs are, Telephony, Contact Center, and Network Experts 
  • Pro-Techs operate on a defined, proven process for management of complex IT projects from conception to long term support 
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Leadership Group



Matrix Networks Founder

David Ness is the sole owner of Matrix Networks and a proud native Oregonian. David began Matrix in 1984 as a one-man operation working out of his garage in North Portland. Back then, he was known as the “Phone Guy,” his determination to give his customers unparalleled customer service, along with his knack for troubleshooting created a loyal following.

Being a licensed technician himself, David used his experience and industry knowledge to gather a team of talented and dedicated professionals, known today as “Pro-Techs.” These individuals, many of whom are still employed with Matrix today, helped build upon the foundation he created and began to pave the road towards a successful launch in the Portland business community as a reliable communication solution provider.

Matrix Networks was founded on the principles of providing innovative solutions supported by genuine customer care, a principle that has carried on throughout the years, creating a corporate culture that is passionate about fostering the growth of other businesses by being a partner who is reliable, experienced, and professional.

 I believe that if you are honest, treat people well, and do the right thing, you’ll continue successfully in business.

– David C. Ness

“ The Matrix team was there to ensure a seamless migration from planning to go-live and provided true white-glove service. I would recommend Matrix to anyone looking to implement a new business phone system, especially those considering a move to the Cloud. "
Travis Luckey, Director of Technology, Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Matrix Networks is truly a great partner. From day one they listened to our needs and delivered a solid solution that I am proud to put my name behind. 

Lou Pallotta - Telecommunications Manager
" We have been extremely pleased with the support we have received from Matrix Networks. They bring strong technical support, extensive product knowledge, and excellent customer service to the table and our experience with them has been very positive. I have strong confidence in Matrix Networks, and highly recommend them. ”
Leatherman Tool Group, Inc.
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