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Refresher Course

Date TBD

Join our expert-led session from Matrix Networks for an educational deep dive into managing your Mitel/ShoreTel phone system. Enhance your skills in administrative best practices, troubleshooting, and system health for optimal efficiency.

The session is built for all levels of Mitel Phone System Administration. Please invite members of your team!



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What to Expect

User Settings Exploration:
Understanding their functions and how to optimize them for your needs.

User Groups/Class of Service (Permissions):
How to effectively manage permissions.

Diagnostics and Monitoring:
Key indicators of system health, and learn to identify and address potential issues.

Alert(s) Subscriptions:
Understand how to set up and manage alert subscriptions, including critical emergency call notifications.

Holiday Scheduling:
Get ahead of it, not behind.

The Future of Mitel:
Product lifecycle update and best practices for cloud phone migration preparation.

Special Requests:
10-15 minutes of open questions.

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