ShoreTel Implementation Guide: Successfully Launch Your Collaboration Suite

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There are several elements to consider and decisions to make before you launch your new collaboration solution.  The most important being: consider how your organization currently leverages collaboration software and set goals based on what you feel can be improved on. The following article will assist in this thought process and prove to be a valuable resource for new and experienced ShoreTel Administrators.

Installation and Implementation Guide:

Click the image below to gain access to the ShoreTel Connect Conferencing and Instant Messaging Planning and Installation Guide. The name is as long as the guide with 80 pages of considerations and best practices for your review… (Note: again, this is only for ShoreTel Connect Systems)


Considerations, during, and after rolling out ShoreTel Collaboration Suite

In ShoreTel’s article, 5 Best Practices For Implementing Collaboration Technology, you will be introduced to a few techniques to help manage the process and yield positive results. The main keys are:

  • Have a Strategy – Seems pretty straightforward right? Don’t just unleash the power of UC without a game plan. You know your employees best, so set clear objectives, goals, and timelines before you embark.
  • Simplify the Learning Curve – Make learning tools (like this blog perhaps…?) easy to find and make sure to keep the material as current as possible.
  • Audit Workflow First – Understand how your teams do basic tasks today so that you are not wasting time training on elements that don’t matter to your end users.
  • Communicate Early and Often – Send regular communications out to your team, ask for feedback, and have a communication plan in place before you launch.
  • Tie it to Organizational Goals – This is my favorite. What do you want to do better within your organizations? How can you improve client engagement? What does the ideal communication environment look like to you?

I will add one more to the list above: Use it yourself! Everyday, multiple times a day, use it to engage with your end users. Rather than transferring Jim into that 1:30 conference call – set up an audio conference bridge in advance. In one click you can all be together, and Jim might even use the tools next time he has a big sales call with your next big opportunity.

It seems obvious but “USE THE TECHNOLOGY” is what our owner always says, and he is absolutely right. Too often we are caught up in what is comfortable instead of learning new ways to improve our business practices. ShoreTel’s Collaboration Suite gives us that opportunity. Take advantage of it.

I hope you enjoyed the read and find value in the content above. Please feel free to email us at with any questions and do share this article with your team(s). It is our goal to be a trusted ShoreTel support resource, as we look to help organizations of all sizes grow through innovative technology.


ShoreTel’s 5 Best Practices For Implementing Collaboration Technology:

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Author: Kyle Holmes