What is ShoreTel Support?

    ShoreTel Support is the service provided to ShoreTel clients to support, upgrade, and maintain their existing on-premise ShoreTel solution. Whether you are in a blended environment or entirely on-premise, ShoreTel requires support to ensure your system is current and well maintained. To learn more about ShoreTel Partner Support, what happens if you do not renew, and how support costs are calculated visit here for more info.

    Mitel Acquires ShoreTel 

    Mitel and ShoreTel Matrix Networks Support



    ShoreTel Support | Matrix Networks

    Matrix Networks is dedicated to delivering the best ShoreTel support experience possible. With clients headquartered across the world, we understand how to support all of your locations with partnerships developed over our 30+ years in business. Our goal is to know your business and understand your technology ecosystem filling the gaps where needed, improving the experience for users and earning praise for the IT team. No gimmicky promises, no flashy sales folks, just a close knit team dedicated to your experience with the ShoreTel phone system. Listed below are the key advantages you receive as a client of Matrix Networks. 

    • 24/7/365 Telephone Support
    • Testing of Software to Ensure Successful Upgrades
    • Unlimited Remote Troubleshooting
    • Unlimited Remote Training and Webinar Access
    • Proactive Monitoring
    • Advanced System Analytics
    • Automated System Reporting
    • Priority Dispatch
    • Access to Emergency Inventory
    • Remote System Upgrades
    • Experience with 3rd Party Integrations

     Matrix Networks ShoreTel Partner Support Document 


    ShoreTel Connect Client Overview

    To view all ShoreTel Training Videos Click Here.

    ShoreTel Training and Education

    On-going education and training is a critical role that your ShoreTel Partner should play in your organization's growth strategy.  This is the reason we offer free training on ALL ShoreTel Support plans.  Our project management team are certified to train with a deep understanding of how to develop curriculum and deliver it. At Matrix Networks the goal is to educate our clients and by doing so empower them to be more proficient administrators and happier clients. 

    Examples of ShoreTel Education from Matrix Networks:




    ShoreTel Reporting and Pro-Active System Monitoring

    Matrix Networks' advanced ShoreTel monitoring software is layered onto every Advantage Partner's system so that problems are identified and solved before you are aware they exist. Instead of calling us to report a problem, we call you to let you know it's been handled. For our ShoreTel client's on Advantage+. Brightmetrics provides rich analytics and reporting on the health of your ShoreTel Phone System along with persistent call flow diagrams and much more. 

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     brightmetrics partner in Portland Oregon

    Brightmetrics partner in Portland Or.




    Why Matrix Networks for ShoreTel Partner Support (now Mitel)?

    We are dedicated to our craft. Unlike others that operate as "Walmarts of Telephony," Matrix Networks is focused on ShoreTel On-premises, Connect Cloud, and Hybrid solutions. Our Pro-Techs are 100% certified and true experts in our solutions with a focus on ShoreTel Support. The Matrix Networks support structure is designed to ensure the process is smooth and you connect with the right resource.  

    Our Pro-techs

    We have 3 Tiers of ShoreTel support, all Tier 1 techs are certified ShoreTel installers and system administrators, our Tier 2 techs are certified ShoreTel system engineers with advanced certifications on data networks and our Tier 3 techs are specialists with certs on the advanced applications like Enterprise Contact Center, Mobility and Hybrid deployments.  Escalation occurs without your request, because we know how important it is to get the timely answers you need.  All of our technicians are well versed in network protocols and are either working towards or have received a minimum CCNA certification.  This network experience ensures that the project is viewed holistically and we are able to assist our clients in not only having success with the ShoreTel UC solutions but the network it relies on. Matrix Networks has been a ShoreTel partner since 2007. As an award winning ShoreTel Gold Partner, our goal is to go beyond traditional "customer service" and provide a client WOW with every interaction. 

    Project Management and Customer Advocates

    Project management is critical to the success of new deployments, but we take this one step further.  Our certified Project Managers continue to support our ShoreTel Support clients in our Customer Advocate role.  This gives our clients an experience that is different from our competitors, an expert on your environment on the phone when you need them to help you optimize your system and take control.  Our Customer Advocates are here to educate, provide assistance in design and address your day to day needs for ShoreTel Support.  Too many companies give the responsibility of caring for their clients to someone without sufficient experience, our model addresses this and ensures a quality experience in every interaction, from sales to support to training.

    Industry Leading Tools 

    Matrix Networks is committed to providing high value tools to our ShoreTel Support clients.  Our team monitors your system with network and performance tools, our goal is to be already addressing an issue before you realize it is a problem.  The BrightMetrics analytics tools are hugely powerful for analyzing the performance of your staff and the ShoreTel phone system itself, giving us data to make quick decisions and head issues off at the path.  We use fully compliant, simple tools that allow for accountability and visibility when accessing your network, ensuring you are protected long term.  If your server fails our backup and restore process ensures that your voicemail downtime is minimized and stress is eliminated. Having great people is only one part of the puzzle, the most important, but the tools they use allow our team to provide a level of service our clients clamor for. 



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