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Meraki delivers a "single-pane of glass" (SPOG) network management platform that is unlike any other network solution on the planet. Matrix Networks specializes in the design and implementation of Meraki infrastructure.

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What is the Meraki Fullstack?

The term fullstack refers to having network equipment in which all aspects are easily managed together.  This includes supply analytics, and telemetry data that create a fuller picture of the network. Meraki was the first to bring the notion of "fullstack" to market, so when you combine Meraki MS, MR, and MX appliances together under Meraki's cloud-based management platform, you have a Meraki Fullstack. Matrix Networks is taking the notion one step further...


Meraki Dashboard|Centralized Management

At the heart of what differentiates a Meraki Network from their competition is the "single-pane of glass" interface that allows administrators to view and manage their entire network from a single easy-to-access, cloud-based application.  Administrators can monitor traffic passing through all networks with one click of the "network-wide" button. They can review any event logs or packet captures, down to the individual AP or even client device. Using Active Directory with group policy, network policies are automatically applied on a per-client or device level. Because the dashboard is a cloud-based application, it is accessible from anywhere at any time (even mobile!).  This makes configuring alerts, group policies (AD, by device, or by client), MDM (mobile device management) policies, and Layer 7 Netflow (group-wide or by specific user) manageable and streamlined. 







Meraki Switches Demonstration


 Meraki Switches | MS Series

At Matrix Networks connectivity comes first. The Meraki MS Switches, powered by Cisco, provide the ultimate administrative experience with a combination of scalability, performance and transparency. Meraki MS Switches also give administrators the freedom of zero-touch provisioning, as all appliances are managed from a web based interface. Other features and benefits include:

  • Core distribution to client access switching 
  • Physical or virtual stacking for easy management 
  • Live network topology mapping (no more Visios!)
  • Automated QoS settings
  • Port-specific visibility with usage and physical connections 
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Meraki WiFi | MR Series

The Meraki MR Series delivers a fully managed cloud-based wireless infrastructure that is equipped with enterprise-grade features, ideally suited to demanding environments of any scale. The MR Series provides in-depth visibility into the health and usage of any given WiFi environment, right down to the individual client. Additional features and benefits of Meraki WiFi MR Series include:

  • Heat maps with clients and AP locations 
  • Packet captures for troubleshooting 
  • AP level traffic shaping and security features – Layer 7  
  • Splash page authentication via Facebook check-in
  • Bluetooth based location awareness
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Meraki WIFI MR Series - partner with Matrix Networks for an enhanced Meraki environment and optimized connectivity
Meraki Security MX Appliance - partner with Matrix Networks for an enhanced Meraki environment

Meraki | MX Security

The Meraki MX Security Platform provides the ultimate administrative experience. The MX Security solution can be remotely deployed with zero-touch cloud provisioning, allowing for network wide deployments with a few clicks. From content filtering on web searches and youtube, to integrations with Google and Bing Safesearch, the MX solution leverages Sourcefire Snort (the same as Cisco ASA series) to provide the ultimate security environment. 

  • Auto VPN and SD-WAN 
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) with Sourcefire Snort
  • 250+ security analysts identify threats, creating and applying patches in real time
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Meraki Security Cameras

The Meraki architecture allows business owners and administrators to easily add IP devices such as Security Cameras to their network. Since Meraki is a single-pane of glass platform, each camera is built into the same portal with user-specific access.

  • Video access anytime from anywhere you have Internet 
  • 128GB of local storage, eliminating a need for a NVR/DVR
  • Motion search and night vision capabilities
  • Ethernet and wireless connectivity options
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Meraki Security Cameras - partner with Matrix Networks for an enhanced Meraki environment, increased cyber security
Meraki System Manager - multi-platform Mobile Device, multi-platform Management enhanced by Matrix Networks as your local partner

Meraki Systems Manager and MDM

Mobile Device Management continues to be an issue that plagues business owners and IT Administrators. The Meraki Systems Manager provides cloud-based, over-the-air centralized Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). Simply administer distributed deployments of all of your devices through a powerful web-based dashboard.

  • Android, Apple TV, Chrome OS, iOS, macOS, Microsoft Windows Desktop and Server
  • Inventory management and device tracking
  • Deliver content through proprietary file sharing & backpack


mNET Managed Networks from Matrix Networks


Matrix Networks Managed Network Service

“ The Matrix team was there to ensure a seamless migration from planning to go-live and provided true white-glove service. I would recommend Matrix to anyone looking to implement a new business phone system, especially those considering a move to the Cloud. "
Travis Luckey, Director of Technology, Stumptown Coffee Roasters
“ Our team is experienced with how to price and configure the RingCentral platform giving clients the peace of mind that they received the best possible price without sacrificing on the solution. After the RingCentral deployment is complete, our work doesn’t stop, we continue to support our clients with ongoing training and troubleshooting of any challenges that may present themselves. Working with a partner ensures you get the service and experience you need at a price that fits your budget. 
Kyle Holmes, President, Matrix Networks
" We have been extremely pleased with the support we have received from Matrix Networks. They bring strong technical support, extensive product knowledge, and excellent customer service to the table and our experience with them has been very positive. I have strong confidence in Matrix Networks, and highly recommend them. ”
Leatherman Tool Group, Inc.
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