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For over 3 decades Matrix Networks has specialized in the design, deployment, and management of business phone systems. With an extensive portfolio of options to choose from and network first approach, Matrix is the partner you are looking for.

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Matrix Networks' Approach to Modern Business Phone Systems

est. 1984

Our approach to phone system partnerships is to first understand your environment, then match your needs with the correct communications toolset. Once we have done so, we are able to apply our deep understanding of network infrastructure to design the right foundation for success and implement a plan. After the framework is built, Matrix Networks will apply a proven project management process that will ensure successful user adoption and provide long-term system monitoring and support for the life of your new phone system.

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Step 1 | Understanding Your Goals

Modern phone systems provide a wide range of communication enhancements. The first step in improving communications for your company is identifying the areas you feel need improvement, and where the largest impact can be made. Our close-knit team will spend the time up front to understand how you communicate today and where your current tools are falling short. Part of that process is analyzing your costs, reviewing how your clients/employees engage with each other, thinking through your mobility strategy, and how groups meet and collaborate within your organization. Understanding where you are today and what your growth goals are for tomorrow is just the tip of the communications iceberg. 

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Researching a new office phone system? Start by understanding what phone system you have. 


Researching your options for cloud phone systems?

 Step 2 | Selecting the Right Solution

With more than 40 major cloud phone providers in the market today, our knowledge of capabilities, pricing, deployment practices and reliability comes in handy.  Once goals are set and the gaps are identified, our team works with yours to select the correct products for a deeper dive.

With a narrowed field of options, our teams work together to schedule corresponding demonstrations, collect pricing and test with a proof of concept. Simplifying this process ensures our clients get the right solutions without investing the time to get up to date on all the options available.

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3rd Step (Implementation) | Concierge Services

Matrix Networks' Concierge Service is designed to bridge the gap between the virtual deployments provided by the cloud provider and your actual needs. Our strategy is to gather the information prior to placing an order with the cloud provider to ensure we hit the ground running on Day 1. The team at Matrix Networks is responsible for programming your system, managing the porting of numbers, ensuring the network is prepared and much more.  Deploying and supporting voice solutions since 1984, much has changed, but the advantages of working with a true expert has not.  Our job is to customize the project to your needs and exceed expectations each time.  

  • Flexible deployment strategy to meet your specific environment 
  • Dedicated Project Manager and Pro-Tech 
  • Management of Number Porting 
  • Weekly Project Meetings 
  • Coordination with existing and future providers 
  • Expert Level Networking staff (CCNA certified) 

Final Step | Dedicated Support

Whether your organization selects a premise or cloud based solution Matrix Networks is laser focused on providing fantastic support.  Our team is certified at the top level with our vendors, ensuring we understand their idiosyncrasies, business processes, programming interfaces and have immediate access to the top tier of support.  We pride ourselves on being on a first name basis with your team, giving peace of mind related to your phone solution. 

  • Support 24/7 365 
  • Ongoing education with videos, remote training and onsite classrooms 
  • Monitoring of hardware solutions 
  • System reports with annual review 
  • Certified Technicians on the products we support 
  • We answer calls within 30 seconds 


Selecting a Vendor for your New Phone System

Matrix Networks has access to a broad portfolio of communication solutions. However, not all solutions are created equal. In over 30 years of providing innovative business phone technology, Matrix Networks has developed a in-depth process for evaluating, testing, and selecting best-of-breed solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients. Learn more about phone systems provided by Matrix Networks.

“Matrix Networks is truly a great partner. From day one, they listened to our needs and delivered a solid solution that I am proud to put my name behind. The solution was easy to deploy and Matrix was excellent to work with.”

Lou Pallotta, Telecommunications Manager, Portland Trail Blazers

“ The Matrix team was there to ensure a seamless migration from planning to go-live and provided true white-glove service. I would recommend Matrix to anyone looking to implement a new business phone system, especially those considering a move to the Cloud. "

Travis Luckey, Director of Technology, Stumptown Coffee Roasters
" We have been extremely pleased with the support we have received from Matrix Networks. They bring strong technical support, extensive product knowledge, and excellent customer service to the table and our experience with them has been very positive. I have strong confidence in Matrix Networks, and highly recommend them. ”
Leatherman Tool Group, Inc.
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