3 Reasons you Need BrightMetrics for your ShoreTel

3 Reasons you Need BrightMetrics for your ShoreTel - Matrix Networks

BrightMetrics is a reporting and analytics tool designed specifically to augment the ShoreTel phone system. At Matrix Networks we believe so much in this solution that we offer it as part of our Advantage+ ShoreTel Partner support, providing all the tools our clients need to gain insight and troubleshoot challenges. Although there are many reasons to use BrightMetrics and ShoreTel together here are three of our top reasons!

ShoreTel's Included Reporting is Limited 

If you are an existing ShoreTel customer who has used the reporting included you know that there are a limited number of reports with little customization available other than choosing times, users and groups. BrightMetrics provides the answers we need, the time it takes to answer calls, which clients call most often, how many calls went unanswered and when, how much time employees are spending with clients and much more. These analytics help us make staffing decisions, revise call flow to speed up the time to answer and even provide a stronger service experience with the added knowledge.


ShoreTel Support provided by Matrix Networks gives you access to in-depth ShoreTel reporting and analytics from Brightmetrics


ShoreTel Support options from Matrix Networks. ShoreTel support Portland Oregon 


Cost Savings

There are many reasons to deploy technology, but when they improve our productivity and save us hard dollars it is a big win.  BrightMetrics allows our clients to review their usage of trunks (phone lines) and establish the amount of capacity required.  Once we have this data we can reduce the monthly costs and design a trunking solution that reduces cost by reducing the number of trunks to match the high-water mark for trunk usage.  In our experience an average customer can save about 40% on their monthly telecom spend.  The analytics can give us visibility into needed staffing levels, allowing you to design the schedule of phone answerers to the volume anticipated.  This provides two possible paths to added profit, ensuring you aren't overstaffing, keeping your labor costs down but also ensuring you aren't missing opportunities to talk with your clients and sell them your services and products.



The analytics included in BrightMetrics can have a significant impact on your ability to quickly identify problem spots in your ShoreTel system. The tool includes analytics on jitter, latency and even what times servers are reporting.  If the data lives in the ShoreTel, BrightMetrics can report on it. This allows administrators to easily identify what problems are occurring and isolate them quickly. The system allows you to map call flow, giving you details as to how your calls are routed through the ShoreTel. This becomes especially helpful when trying to identify why certain callers are ending up in odd auto-attendants or you plan to make changes and don't want to break your call routing practices. Perhaps the coolest of these troubleshooting features is the ability to provide a summary that outlines the systems capacity limits for resources and shows where your system is running out of resources.  This is a critical component of the software, the ShoreTel system does a poor job of letting you know when its own resources are low, allowing you to oversubscribe resources that can cause tremendous problems.  Using BrightMetrics we can identify the capacity issues and resolve them by moving or adding resources.


ShoreTel Support provided by Matrix Networks gives you access to in-depth ShoreTel reporting and analytics from Brightmetrics 

Always be Prepared

If you are a current ShoreTel client, or considering moving to a new ShoreTel phone system you should be including BrightMetrics as a part of your plan.  The analytics and tools it offers empowers users and administrators to gain more from their system, identify challenges and head them off before they fester. The cost is minimal and the value is tremendous if you know how to utilize it.  If you would like to dive deeper and learn more about how this product works, feel free to reach out to our technical team to provide an in-depth demonstration.

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ShoreTel Support provided by Matrix Networks gives you access to in-depth ShoreTel reporting and analytics from Brightmetrics


Author: Kyle Holmes