Cisco | Meraki Education

Meraki, a Cisco product, has grown leaps and bounds in the last 5 years, evolving from a niche wireless provider with an incredible set of management tools to a Cisco-owned full network stack product including network switching, next generation firewall, wireless LAN, mobile device management, security cameras, and phone system. The Meraki stack brings the incredible feature set offered by Cisco. Matrix Networks is a proud Cisco Premier Partner - this page is dedicated to explaining each layer of the fullstack and explaining why Meraki is the clear choice for anyone looking to modernize their infrastructure for a cloud-enabled world.

5 Reasons Meraki is Winning

The combination of smart management with the most powerful network toolset in the world gives Meraki a significant edge that all the other major players are chasing. In this article we will expand on why Meraki is winning the battle for network infrastructure.

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