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mCX is Matrix Networks' comprehensive phone system support service designed to ensure your communication systems—spanning Customer Experience (CX and CCaaS) and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)—operate seamlessly and without interruption. No matter the platform, we can assist in providing the support you deserve.

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Matrix Networks' Approach to Phone System Management

Built from Client Demand

At Matrix Networks, we recognize the pitfalls of outsourced support, a common theme of large vendors looking to reduce overhead costs as they lower their cost per user fees to align with other competitors. Recognizing this fact, Matrix Networks has developed a solution that delivers the support experience our clients have come to expect, regardless of what solution they have chosen to invest in. Our approach prioritizes in-house, specialized support for CX and UCaaS platforms, ensuring operational excellence and optimization for your business communications.

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mCX SupportWhat Does it Include?

Matrix Networks has been providing unparalleled phone system support for over 40 years, evolving alongside technology to ensure businesses stay connected through every innovation and challenge. Beyond trusted, US-based support, mCX clients benefit from a comprehensive suite of enhancements including monthly training sessions tailored to empower teams, and a dedicated resource for monthly technical assurance calls, ensuring proactive management and optimization of their communication systems. Additionally, clients enjoy the convenience of automated weekly SLA monitoring and direct contact support, ensuring their systems are not just supported, but continuously improved to align with their evolving business needs.

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mCX Service| Our Supported Solutions

Long story short, we've got you covered across the board. At Matrix Networks, our ability to support nearly any communication environment stands at the forefront of what we do. Whether your business leverages cloud phone systems like RingCentral and Zoom, navigates the complexities of customer experience platforms such as Five9 and Talkdesk, or opts for Microsoft Teams as a versatile phone system, our expertise is comprehensive. This wide-ranging support ensures that no matter your platform of choice, our team is equipped to provide the specialized assistance you need, all while maintaining an affordable cost per user fee. With Matrix Networks, you're not just choosing a provider; you're selecting a partner capable of adapting to and supporting the unique spectrum of your communication needs. 

Matrix Networks' Cloud Phone Concierge Services
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mCX & SD-WAN | A Partnership Beyond Support

Aligning with Matrix for mCX support also gives you access to a partner that deeply understands the intricacies of SD-WAN and network management—key elements for the seamless operation of cloud-based phone systems. Matrix Networks has a proven track record of adapting to and leading with the latest in telephony technology, including the nuanced field of SD-WAN, to tailor network solutions optimized for the unique demands of cloud telephony.

  • Optimized Internet packet prioritizations
  • Leveraging dual Internet circuits simultaneously 
  • Network performance analytics and reporting 
  • Easy to implement, monitor, maintain





Why Partner with Matrix Networks? 

Deploying and supporting voice solutions since 1984, much has changed, but the advantages of working with a true expert has not.  Our job is to customize the project to your needs and exceed expectations each time. Matrix Networks has developed a in-depth process for evaluating, selecting, designing, and deploying cloud-based telephony. Additionally:

  • Experienced in Network Design – Matrix Networks leverages over 30 years of experience evolving with telephony to build network infrastructure designed to handle the unique needs of cloud telephony. Not all data is created equal, it is important you have packet prioritization in place to ensure that voice is being prioritized. To learn more about this revolutionary technology check out our article on building the perfect network.
  • One Hand to Shake – Every cloud phone vendor will tell you they are the best fit for your organization. Matrix will help you evaluate what truly matters and help navigate the increasingly muddy waters. For a look at our most trusted vendors click here.
  • Certified Trainers - Our team provides on-site or remote training and can help you truly take advantage of the tools you are rolling out.  The knowledge of the system being transferred to our clients is truly a great experience.
  • Saving you Money - We have a strong knowledge of the cloud phone pricing models available.  Our job is to help you match the right feature set and solution with your preferred pricing model as closely as possible.


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“Matrix Networks is truly a great partner. From day one, they listened to our needs and delivered a solid solution that I am proud to put my name behind. The solution was easy to deploy and Matrix was excellent to work with.”

Lou Pallotta, Telecommunications Manager, Portland Trail Blazers

“ The Matrix team was there to ensure a seamless migration from planning to go-live and provided true white-glove service. I would recommend Matrix to anyone looking to implement a new business phone system, especially those considering a move to the Cloud. "

Travis Luckey, Director of Technology, Stumptown Coffee Roasters
" We have been extremely pleased with the support we have received from Matrix Networks. They bring strong technical support, extensive product knowledge, and excellent customer service to the table and our experience with them has been very positive. I have strong confidence in Matrix Networks, and highly recommend them. ”
Leatherman Tool Group, Inc.
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