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ShoreTel Training Videos (Mitel)

A good communication partner helps to educate their clients. At Matrix Networks, our goal is to be a resource for not only your IT team, but your entire organization when it comes to ShoreTel Partner Support and ShoreTel training. Below you will find a series of videos, produced by Matrix Client Services, that showcase a wide variety of tutorials and best practice videos for ShoreTel Connect and Connect Contact Center Agents. If you have a video you would like to see produced and added to this collection, please email - your feedback is always welcome!

Full length walk-through of Mitel Connect Desktop Client (previously ShoreTel). The desktop client software allows end users to communicate both internally and externally. Additionally, with the softphone feature, a user can ditch their desk phone, using nothing more than the software on their PC and a Bluetooth headset to stay connected. Instant Message, transfer, conferencing, calendar and contact integration are just a few of the awesome features and abilities available via your Mitel Connect Client. Enjoy!


Call Handling Mode allows you to customize your communication experience. Communicate your availability within your organization, schedule automated voicemail box messaging, and automate your call flow based on your calendar. Meaning if your calendar says you are in a meeting, your ShoreTel Client will know to send calls to voicemail or forward to your mobile device, whatever you would like. That is the magic of Unified Communications.


Transferring a call and using conferencing are two important functions for end users of the ShoreTel Connect Phone System. This ShoreTel training video walks you through both features in an easy to understand way that is good for all new users to the ShoreTel Connect system.


Leverage the People's Tab on your ShoreTel Phone System to communicate with colleagues and contacts more effectively will features like: click to dial, presence, directory integration, groups, favorites, and more.


Dovetailing off the previous video, the events tab is integrated with your Outlook or other calendar environment to easily manage your communications related to events you have daily. The ShoreTel Events Tab section of your ShoreTel Client allows you to easily setup, join, or initiate a meeting or conference. The Events tab even lets you build an agenda for you meeting for all participants to see.


Voicemails have become a critical component of how we all communicate in today's fast-paced business environment. This training video provides insight on how to best manage your ShoreTel Connect voicemail inbox, with a focus on how to save voicemails and download for storage and/or sharing.


Overhead Paging is not something that every business uses, but for those that do, it is a critical business function utilized on a daily bases. For those that have a ShoreTel Phone System and use Overhead Paging, this video will show you how.


ShoreTel (Mitel) Connect Contact Center Training Videos


The role of a Contact Center Agent is to be a steward of their company's brand, to help foster positive relationships with clients, and to help people get what they need. The ShoreTel ECC (Enterprise Contact Center) environment is built to help agents do just that. This video briefly showcases the differences between the standard ShoreTel desktop client and the one used by Contact Center Agents using ECC and how they can work in tandem to deliver world class service.



Tutorial video explaining the ever important task of login in and out of your ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center environment.


Explanation of how to pick an email (or call) out of queue and answer if first in ShoreTel Contact Center.


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