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Customer experience is king. Those on the front lines of communication for your organization are key to successs. Positive experiences can earn repeat business while negative ones can scare away what would be returning revenue. Do you have the right solution in place?

Learn what sets Matrix Networks apart, as partner, in your journey to a modern communications platform.

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Matrix Networks' Approach to Contact Centers

A Partner | Not a Provider

At Matrix Networks, we believe that the way you interact with your customers greatly impacts the success of your organization. In our approach to Contact Center deployments, we first take the time to understand your environment thoroughly as it stands today. We then help identify measurable goals and define success long before suggesting any solution(s).

Once a solution has been identified, we undergo a rigorous contract negotiation phase that ensures you are receiving the very best term for your new solution. By then applying our deep understanding of communication echo systems and knowledge of your specific success criteria, we are able to guide the RIGHT vendor through the process. Matrix Networks' proven project management process and pre-sales methodology will protect the investment you are making in time, money, and most importantly, brand image.

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Contact Center | vs. Call Center 

While cubicle farms with hundreds of agents taking and receiving calls still exist, today's "Contact Center" is NOT yesterday's "Call Center". Today we use our cell phones and desktops to utilize SMS, chat clients like Slack, face to face video, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email and much more to communicate with co-workers, family and clients. We communicate on the media and mediums that are best for our contacts to engage. This is no different whether you have 1 person on the front lines of client interactions or 100. Meet your customers where they want to meet you!

The fact is, many businesses are struggling to keep the conversations going in the correct medium. The tools we deployed even 5 years ago are horribly out of date, meaning large swathes of your customer base are not connecting with your team, choosing a more modern competitor. 

Think you don't have a Contact Center? You might be wrong!



Cloud Contact Center | A Modern Approach

Investing in an on-premise contact center today would take a very specific circumstances. In nearly every case the advantages of the cloud environment offer too much to refuse. Cloud-based Contact Centers offer new tools, improved performance and unlimited support. Being always available, improving the customer experience and staff efficiency can be counted on to lead to positive financial impacts that benefit all. With cloud contact center we don't have to be a Fortune 100 company to get the tools and benefits of an enterprise solution. The cloud has leveled the playing field.

  • Evolve with communications technology and integrate core systems
  • Realize new revenue and enhance customer experience
  • Improve work force management



Integrating Applications | Reporting & Analytics

Most organizations have several tools to achieve a holistic customer engagement practice. This forces those on the front lines to check multiple tools in order to meet your customers where they want to meet. Engaging in this way disrupts productivity and distorts reporting. Top cloud contact center platforms will offer integrations into all of these new communication concepts (CRM platforms and more), routing the conversations to agents who solve problems faster, deliver more positive customer experiences and ultimately drive more business.

Lastly, Experience Managers and those responsible for driving the above results do not have the tools to effectively manage staffing levels, provide coaching, or interpret data appropriately. A modern Contact Center solution will ensure these abilities if implemented the right way.

Connectivity | The Missing Link...

This is a critical step - and one often overlooked. Identifying a partner that understands this important relationship is key to a successful deployment and long-term stability of a cloud-based Contact Center. Matrix Networks leverages over 30 years of experience to build a network infrastructure designed to handle the unique needs of cloud communications. Learn more about how SD-WAN improves the performance of cloud applications here.

  • Optimized Internet packet prioritizations
  • Leveraging dual Internet circuits simultaneously 
  • Network performance analytics and reporting 
  • Easy to implement, monitor, maintain




Why Partner with Matrix Networks?

Matrix Networks has been deploying and supporting voice solutions since 1984. Much has changed since then, but the advantages of working with a true expert has not.  Our job is to customize the project to your needs and exceed expectations each time. Matrix Networks has developed a in-depth process for evaluating, selecting, designing, and deploying cloud-based applications like Contact Center solutions. A word from one of our valued clients:

Matrix Networks' attention to detail and really finding out how our company operates speaks volumes to how they treat their clients. It saved a lot of time during meetings having Matrix participate and assist during our implementation. They completely understand our company and know our solution. This helped bridge any gaps in communication that we would have seen otherwise. They understood our goals and are dedicated to help us achieve them.

- VP SolveOne, LLC


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“Matrix Networks is truly a great partner. From day one, they listened to our needs and delivered a solid solution that I am proud to put my name behind. The solution was easy to deploy and Matrix was excellent to work with.”

Lou Pallotta, Telecommunications Manager, Portland Trail Blazers

“ The Matrix team was there to ensure a seamless migration from planning to go-live and provided true white-glove service. I would recommend Matrix to anyone looking to implement a new business phone system, especially those considering a move to the Cloud. "

Travis Luckey, Director of Technology, Stumptown Coffee Roasters
" We have been extremely pleased with the support we have received from Matrix Networks. They bring strong technical support, extensive product knowledge, and excellent customer service to the table and our experience with them has been very positive. I have strong confidence in Matrix Networks, and highly recommend them. ”
Leatherman Tool Group, Inc.
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