ShoreTel Switches End-of-Life Update from Matrix Networks | Mitel Extends Timeline

ShoreTel Switches End-of-Life Update | Mitel Extends EoL and EoS Timeline

In January 2017 ShoreTel announced End-of-Sale (EoS) and End-of-Life (EoL)  for various hardware and software. The highlights from the announcements were the EoL for all “Full Width” appliances, the EoL for the 14.2 software, and the EoS of the “Half Width” appliances. These were to happen on 12/31/18, 6/30/18 and 6/30/18 respectively. In the middle of these dates, Mitel acquired ShoreTel. In May of 2019 Mitel issued a new revised EoS/EoL schedule: 



Mitel Announces New ShoreTel Switches EoL and EoS Timeline - What You Need to Know

What does this mean for clients of ShoreTel? The most notable change is the extension of the EoL for the 14.2 software until 09/30/20. Mitel will continue to patch and support version 14.2 for a year and a half longer than ShoreTel had initially indicated. While this is great news, with the EoS for the “Half Width” appliances, you can no longer add any physical appliances to the system limiting clients on 14.2 software to expansion through VMware Virtual Machines only. This ultimately creates a challenge for anyone on the 14.2 software when expanding their system. Despite the stated date for EoS, Mitel was unable to keep stock of the ShoreGear 90 appliances until the EoS date, with stock being depleted in late April/early May. After 6/30/18 the only physical Mitel MiVoice Connect appliances that will be manufactured and sold are the “ST” line of appliances, that are only compatible with the Connect platform. 

Mitel's Position: Mitel's Position: Are you on ShoreTel Software 14.2 or below? Then migrate to MiVoice Connect (previously ShoreTel Connect) as soon as you can. 

Matrix Networks Position: While the support timeline has been extended, companies still on ShoreTel software version 14.2 or below should have a plan in place to migrate to the Connect platform as soon as possible if they have any intention of growing their phone system beyond the resources currently available. That being said, Matrix Networks has seen challenges with stability and loss of traditional “ShoreTel” features for customer upgrades from 14.2 to Connect. For this reason we are not actively directing our clients to make the migration (again, unless they are in system growth mode). Mitel's committed to stabilizing the Connect software as soon as possible, and with a long history of successful acquisitions and software development, there is no reason to think Mitel will not be successful. As a trusted partner for hundreds of ShoreTel clients, our job is to be transparent and actively protect the investments of our clients by evaluating the value and risks related to software updates. If you would like to discuss your specific ShoreTel system scenario, Matrix Networks is here to assist. Please contact us here to begin the conversation. 


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