The Reality of Mitel’s End-of-Life Timeline for ShoreTel/MiVoice Connect

End of Life ShoreTel and ShoreTel Support

Mitel's announcement regarding the End-of-Life (EOL) of the ShoreTel/MiVoice Connect (premise PBX) is now widely known. In this announcement, Mitel stated that these systems will be supported through 2029, a statement that has caused confusion among many ShoreTel Administrators and business owners who depend on their ShoreTel phone systems. While it may seem like there is ample time until 2029, at Matrix Networks, we are already encountering significant challenges in supporting these systems. This indicates that the time for transition is now.

EoL Timeline for ShoreTel/MiVoice Connect & Actions Matrix Networks Recommends


Mitel has recently accelerated its End-of-Design Support timeline for ShoreTel and MiVoice Connect, moving the date to December 31st, 2025. What does this mean for you? As a result, we will continue to see less focus on operating system updates, patches, or security updates. Furthermore, hardware support will depend on the availability of spare parts for any necessary repairs.

Matrix Networks' technical support team is noticing a daily increase in ShoreTel support tickets, making it increasingly challenging to address client issues. Without new developments, these systems are likely to lag in functionality and security. Here are some common challenges our clients are facing:

  1. After Windows updates (from April 9, 2024) were applied several services will not start on HQ/DVS which breaks the following:
    1. Voicemails
    2. Auto attendants
    3. Workgroups
    4. Mitel Switch Connectivity
    5. Client Applications
  2. Making Changes in Director Negatively Impacts System Performance. Upon saving changes in the Director customers may see the following:
    1. Softphones disconnect
    2. Clients lockup or disconnect
    3. Devices lose CAS functionality
  3. Radio buttons not displaying in Director
    • Selecting a radio button option does write to the database when saved, but does not show the option selected in Director which causes confusion.
  4. Mobility Router Authentication Issues
    • Mobility Router must remain on an older version for full functionality.

Challenges in Maintaining Legacy Systems

Matrix Networks technicians are already facing difficulties in maintaining ShoreTel/MiVoice Connect systems. These challenges are a clear indicator that businesses should not wait until the last minute to plan their transition. The lack of ongoing updates and the increasing obsolescence of these systems mean that continuing to rely on them poses significant risks. Delaying this transition increases the risk of operational disruptions and security vulnerabilities. 

Reality of ShoreTel End of Life Timeline

What Next?

Matrix Networks is recommending that clients start planning their transition away from ShoreTel/MiVoice Connect immediately. You do not need to be a client of Matrix Networks to get advice and start planning your next move. By moving to a modern, cloud-based phone system, businesses can ensure they have access to the latest features, security updates, and support. For more information on how to transition from ShoreTel/MiVoice Connect to a modern cloud phone system, contact Matrix Networks today

Author: Matrix Networks