RingCentral Cloud Phone System

RingCentral is a true born in the cloud tech company focused solely on providing enterprise class UC to customers large and small. Founded in 1999 by still current CEO Vlad Shmunis, the company has managed to balance a laser focus on customer experience with providing cutting edge technology.  RingCentral's focus on these principles has delivered 40% year over year growth and landed them a spot in Gartner's Magic Quadrant as the leader for the past two years in the UCaaS (unified communication as a service) category.  Despite humble beginnings in fax service, RingCentral is now a global player with availability in more than 30 countries allowing clients limitless growth in a powerful platform, keeping costs of communications low while delivering a world class communication tool to all potential users. 



Industry Leading Software

A primary advantage to the RingCentral platform is access to their intuitive and feature rich software solutions.  The desktop software gives users a single place to place/receive calls, access voicemail, SMS, fax and launch video collaboration.  This software package extends to your mobile devices, giving you the same tools whether on the road or in the office, presenting your desk number whether calling or texting and providing access to voicemail and fax.   The mobile app is truly embedded in iOS allowing users to answer from a locked screen and see call history in their traditional phone call history labeled as a RingCentral call.



Part of RingCentral's strategy is to focus on their core strengths and partner with best of breed cloud providers for specialized applications.  For video collaboration RingCentral uses the Zoom platform. This solution allows RingCentral to provide very advanced video features; conducting larger conferences up to 50 users with plans to grow the number, connection to H.323/SIP compliant room systems, integration to Outlook, recording of video calls and support for mobile device participation and presentation. InContact is RingCentral's Contact Center platform. This gives RingCentral the industry leading cloud contact center with advanced features including multi-channel queuing (social, email, voice, voicemail, fax, chat), workforce management, IVR for self service and a robust set of integration packages to the popular CRM platforms.  The integration with InContact is direct with a 10gb link between their platforms allowing for SIP integration that allows users to use the RingCentral phone without paying for usage between the two systems.

Incredible Integrations 

The most obvious examples of RingCentral's genius level integrations are with web based email clients. The solution provides a new pane in the web browser allowing users to control phone, SMS, email, calendar, fax and voicemail from one webpage.  Users of the platform can communicate in any medium without clicking through multiple applications, a big win for those that desire true Unified Communications. RingCentral offers robust pre-built integrations to a wide variety of CRM and file storage solutions, including SalesForce.com, Zendesk, Box and Dropbox.  Most importantly RingCentral is a highly flexible platform using the Open API standard making integrations to your existing tools simple and powerful.  RingCentral sets the bar for integrations in the UC space, a primary driver of their skyrocketing growth and industry awards.


Reliable and Scalable 

RingCentral has built their platform in "Pods" a containerization type technology that allows incredible scalability and resiliency.  These "Pods" are located in 17 data centers across the globe, with the ability for your phone to register at the closest available location, minimizing latency and ensuring uptime. They back their performance with a Service Level Agreement with a payout to their clients if they fail to maintain at least 99.999% availability. The containerization also allows RingCentral to continually evolve their software without interrupting the users experience with upgrade outages, important for all businesses but especially those that must be available 24/7.  RingCentral is a CLEC, unlike competitors they don't buy their connection to the public switching telephone network, they have a direct connection.  This means they have total control of the PSTN access and better visibility into performance problems with a process to resolve.  Boiling it down, an outage of Level 3 for example would cripple many well-known cloud UC providers, for RingCentral the impact would be minimal.  Scaling the system up and down is seamless allowing enterprises of all sizes, in nearly any part of the world the opportunity to use the tools RingCentral provides.

Proof is in the Pudding 

We believe RingCentral is leading the charge in cloud voice solutions, but don't take our word for it, try it for yourself. There are two strategies available for a proof of concept, a 14-day trial with a maximum number of users in testing, the other option is to deploy the system fully with a 30-day money back guarantee. Whether you want to do some basic testing with a limited number of users, or you want to deploy the entire system on a trial basis there are options for your company.  Matrix Networks makes your transition simple with our concierge services giving you a local service provider with 30+ years of experience as a partner.  Our concierge service ensures that your designed solution matches the needs of your organization, training is comprehensive and roadblocks are identified and avoided.  Reach out to our team today to learn more about RingCentral, Matrix Networks concierge packages and the Proof of Concept program.

Matrix Networks Cloud Phone Concierge Service

Starting in Portland, Matrix Networks has been designing, installing and supporting phone systems for more than 3 decades. We depend on our phone systems to connect us to the outside world, having a poor installation that results in lost calls and downtime is unacceptable.  Part of moving to a cloud phone solution is porting your existing telephone numbers to your new carrier a process that carries the risk of losing critical numbers if done incorrectly.  Cloud providers live in a "cloud world" with  limited understanding of your physical environment, how will they identify and incorporate traditional telephone devices like fax machines, door phones, overhead paging and headsets. The first day you start using your phone system is critical one, getting a cloud provider to participate on-site is expensive leaving you at the mercy of telephone support if things go wrong.  Our job is to bridge this gap, understanding the soft spots in each vendors offering and deployment strategies and quietly filling the gaps to ensure success.



  • Dedicated Project Manager from Matrix Networks 
  • Network Configuration including Core Switch and MPLS handoff and/or SD-WAN setup 
  • Project Manager and Tech on-site for the first day live 
  • Tailored Training 
  • Call Flow Diagrams  


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