INTERNET DOWN! 10 True Stories of Internet Outages in 2023 (part 1 of 3)

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The spinning wheel of death is something nobody wants to see during their workday, whether you're a CEO, Director of IT, or a first-week intern. But what happens when it's not just your personal connection that's down, but the entire internet?

We're talking about major outages that leave businesses scrambling for a resolution before money is lost and productivity plummets. That's where SD-WAN technology comes in, and why Matrix Networks should be your go-to partner for securing rock-solid internet that safeguards you from scenarios like the ones you'll read about in this 3-part blog post series featuring real-world incidents that left organizations in the dark and completely offline. Enjoy scenarios 1-3:

#1: RV Fire

rv fire and SD-WAN

Even RV fires can take down your organization's internet. A recent incident in Portland, Oregon, where a recreational vehicle (RV) fire caused significant damage to fiber optic cables, resulted in widespread internet outages in the area. The fire started in an RV parked near a critical junction box and quickly spread, engulfing the cables and disrupting internet services for businesses, residents, and public agencies. The incident caused widespread inconvenience, with many people unable to access online services, work remotely, or communicate digitally. It serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of critical infrastructure and the widespread impact such incidents can have on modern society's reliance on the internet. Read the full story here.


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On April 4th, April 2023, in Randolph County: a recent tractor-trailer accident resulted in a power and internet outage in the area. The accident, which reportedly involved a tractor-trailer colliding with a utility pole, caused significant damage to the power and internet infrastructure, leading to widespread outages. The incident disrupted power supply to businesses, residents, and public facilities, and also resulted in internet service disruptions, impacting online communication, remote work, and access to online services. As an IT professional, this serves as a reminder of the importance of having backup power and internet connectivity plans in place, as well as working closely with utility providers to ensure the robustness of critical infrastructure. It also underscores the need for effective communication and contingency planning to minimize the impact of such incidents on business operations and end-users. Stay vigilant and prepared to address potential disruptions to power and internet services to maintain smooth IT operations for your organization. Read the full story here.


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#3: Vandals

SD-WAN Matrix Networks

So, it turns out that Spectrum's recent internet outage in the Kansas City area was caused by good ol' fashioned vandalism! Yep, some mischievous troublemaker decided to mess with the internet infrastructure, and it caused widespread outages for businesses and residents alike. Can you believe it? It's like a real-life sitcom plot! But, jokes aside, it's a reminder that even in the digital age, some things never change. It is critical that as business owners and IT professionals, we are prepared for the unexpected, even if it involves pranksters with too much time on their hands. Remember to always have a sense of humor to keep your sanity intact when dealing with the quirks of technology and human behavior! Read the full story here.

Stay Tuned - Scenarios 4, 5, and 6 will be Published Next Week! In the meantime - check out our new MCaaS Video, which explains our service that could protect your business from crazy, unexpected internet outages like the ones above.

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