Why does your Wi-Fi suck?

5 Common Misconceptions about Wi-Fi  

 Wireless internet has become a critical component for businesses of all types. Although the technology has improved dramatically over the last decade, there are many misconceptions about how to get best performance. This article is focused on giving you some simple tips for ensuring your wireless network is on the right path whether you are an Fortune 500 business or a Motel 6.

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Understanding E-Rate

Over the next year, E-Rate will fund an additional $1 billion in new K-12 Wi-Fi deployments.  This guaranteed money is in addition to the $2.4 billion initially budgeted, and the $1 billion added to the pot last year.  IT Directors and Network Managers of K-12 school districts need to have a solid grasp on the E-rate process and plan carefully to take advantage of these funds.  This article is written to address the following questions for K-12 IT professionals:

  1. What is E-Rate?
  2. What recent changes have been made to the E-Rate program?
  3. How do I navigate the E-Rate process and avoid costly mistakes?
  4. What is the E-Rate timeline?
  5. How do I select the right wireless solution?
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How is Your Hotel’s Most Important Amenity? – Part 2

We established last time that guest wireless Internet is your most important amenity. You may not think so, but your guests certainly do! Consider that 94% of people cite WiFi as the most important amenity according to Hotel Chatter and a survey of travelers found that WiFi is the most important factor in selecting and rating your hotel. Somehow it even beats out location and a good night’s sleep.

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How is Your Hotel’s Most Important Amenity?

The results are in, and frankly they have been for a while. It shouldn’t be a surprise anymore to hear that the most important amenity for a hotel is its WiFi. It even beats out the free breakfast.
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