The Best Apps for Telecom Directors


In today’s mobile world, it seems telecom directors are rarely at their desks anymore. With access to everything from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone it makes managing systems more mobile and convenient than ever. With this shift to IT and mobility, that means new application downloads are becoming available all the time for both Android and Apple devices.

Check out these top telecom apps that can make life as a telecom director a little easier:


Slack serves as a chatroom IM service. Users have the ability to create or join public chatrooms and private groups as well as message other users directly. This allows a telecom director and the team immediate access to each other and necessary information in controlled environments.

Outlook Mobile 

Outlook’s mobile mail client is accessible through the web and doesn’t push/pull email in a way that could cause annoying syncing issues.


When the FileMagnet application is set up from your desktop as well as a mobile device so you can push files to the mobile device by dropping them into the application window. It automatically manages connections between your desktop and phone or tablet. It also provides storage for as many files that your device will allow.

Smart Compass

More than just a regular compass, the Smart Compass application offers significant advantages over some of the more basic compass applications. It's responsive in landscape or portrait view and it comes GPS-enabled. You can even turn it into a night mode.


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Connection Stabilizer Booster

If your device loses the data signal and becomes unable to reconnect to the available network, the Connection Stabilizer Booster can help. The app is loaded with powerful features that deliver reliable mobile internet connections.

Network Utility – Connectivity Checker

If you need to do a quick check on a web server or find a domain name, this application can help. Comes with ping, whois queries, port scan and geographic details of IP address ranges.

IPE Toolbox

The IPE Toolbox application tells you how many nodes your network is utilizing, as well as how you can calculate the best subnet size for the number of nodes. It also allows you to allow or deny the firewall rules concisely. Additionally, it comes with a VoIP calculator that shows how much bandwidth is being utilized for voice traffic.

This listing is just scratching the surface of all the top telecom apps available today. Engineers and developers are continuously releasing helpful applications that work to make life a little easier for the growing world of mobile telecom directors.

Technology content and opinion pieces that actually make a difference for you as a business owner or IT Administrator


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