MCaaS for Multiple Locations | Managed Internet Service with SD-WAN

Traditional methods for connecting your branches, like MPLS or VPL, are quickly becoming inadequate for the needs of businesses with mixed on premise and cloud applications. The MCaaS solution utilizes cutting edge SD-WAN products to ensure your network is optimized no matter the source. A single billing platform across many carrier circuits, centralized world class support, and monitoring. We focus on redundant, secure, and performance based internet that sets a new standard.


Matrix Connectivity as a Service helps businesses save money on Internet services and improves reliability on the network


MCaaS Eliminates the Need for Private Networks

Organizations utilizing legacy network designs such as MPLS and VPL to connect multiple location are traditionally hampered by expensive long term contracts, dependence on a single carrier, limited speed, and no strategy for the important migration to more flexible and powerful cloud applications. Furthermore, this type of network experiences diminished circuit value because of the ever-increasing need for access to critical real-time applications that reside in a private colocation/headquarters or that need access to public cloud environments. This requires most businesses to run separate internal and external facing networks, which increases complexity and cost. 

Matrix Connectivity as a Service brings these two networks together, providing a single solution that creates or supports VPN connectivity to internal applications, allowing optimized routing to critical cloud applications, providing QoS without dependence on a single carrier. 

Key Benefits and Features of MCaaS - Multi Site Solution

  • Blended Network - Support your end users in their use of cloud or on premise applications intelligently.
  • Single Point of Contact – MCaaS breaks you free from the carrier (ISP) relationship by becoming your single point of contact, providing consolidated billing across your entire network infrastructure.
  • Proactive Network Monitoring and Reporting – Advanced software layered on to the MCaaS solution provides ultimate network transparency and system monitoring for real time reporting and active monitoring (Matrix is able to solve problems for you before you know they exist).
  • No More Calling the Carrier – MCaaS also eliminates the time IT spends on hold with their ISP troubleshooting a down system or debating an overcharge. With MCaaS, you call Matrix directly, and we solve the problem on your behalf. 
  • Eliminate Expensive MPLS/VPN Billing – MCaaS provides a single solution that both creates and supports VPN connectivity. Matrix Networks combines cutting edge SD-WAN with circuit management to literally displace the cumbersome/expensive legacy network design.

Matrix Networks as a Dedicated Connectivity Partner 

It is our goal to be a trusted resource for you and an extension of your IT Team. With problem solving as the core value we provide our clients MCaaS has given us the ability to leverage over three decades of enterprise level network experience to deliver an unparalleled connectivity strategy.