HYBRID Phone Systems

Hosted Hybrid technology offers the control and reliability of on-premises PBX with the flexibility and scalability of a hosted phone system.  

Many mid-sized businesses know that their outdated PBX is in need of replacement. Their current phone system no longer meets the needs of today’s communications environment. Larger businesses, especially those with branch offices and mobile workers, are often interested in centralizing their communications management into one, easy-to-use system.

Both types of businesses have their unique challenges, needs, and desires when it comes to telephony. The constant remains that administrators want all the modern features and flexibility that come with a hosted phone system, yet they desire the certainty that comes with an on-premise system they can physically manage. So how does a modern IT administrator get the best of both worlds? Enter Star2Star Hosted Hybrid.

Star2Star partner in portland oregon - Matrix Networks


Matrix Networks believes that not all organizations are built equally, for that reason we have teamed up with Star2Star Communications to provide our customers with a unique and innovative solution for hosted hybrid phone systems specifically built for organizations with multiple locations. Star2Star's award-winning, scalable Cloud Communications Solution overcomes the reliability and quality limitations of other technologies. 



Why Star2Star Hosted Hybrid?

Dynamically Pool and Burst Lines

Star2Star’s unique voice delivery leverages innovative pooling and bursting technology that keeps your monthly telephone costs down, while ensuring there are always enough lines available. The system seamlessly scales up or down, giving your organization just the right amount of lines to handle your communication needs without wasting resources on unused lines.

Ensure 24/7/365 Availability & Reliability

Out of the box, Star2Star guarantees 99.999% up-time for your business calls. How? Star2Star’s automated quality monitoring system tests the sound quality of calls every 30 minutes to ensure QoS and make sure that your business is always receiving the bandwidth and call quality you deserve.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Still not convinced? Star2Star is so sure you will love the system we build for you that they will guarantee your satisfaction with a 30 day money back guarantee. After all, Star2Star has the highest customer retention rate (99.6%) – so chances are, you will love your Star2Star system.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Built in Disaster Recovery – Rest assured that your phone system is in good hands with automatic backup and fail over, 6 redundant points of presence, and built in redundancy from phone carriers and internet connections
  • Superior Service and Maintenance – 24 hour service, combined with next-day replacement parts for any reason (other than abuse) including acts of God
  • Automatic Software updates – Always ensure you have the latest and greatest with automated software updates at no cost to you
  • Hardware flexibility – Star2Star is capable of providing your business with numerous phone options, from Cisco and Polycom, to Yealink and softphones


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