Build Reliable, Fast Network Infrastructure Powered by SD-WAN with MCaaS 

Matrix Connectivity as a Service (MCaaS) is the intelligent management of Internet bandwidth, connectivity, and optimization of cloud applications through the combination unique circuit management, and SD-WAN technology  supported by a true communication partner that will deliver the client service you deserve. That partner is Matrix Networks. To learn more about MCaaS, check out this short video:



Reduce Cost and Improve Internet Connectivity 

We are increasingly reliant on the open Internet for mission critical applications like CRM, Point of Sale, Voice and Email.  Our networks have not kept up. For those of us with multi-site organizations it is a dual network, public and private to manage, secure and support.  Connecting remote users to centralized applications is not a new challenge but for many businesses most applications were once in the building. Now our customer interactions, phone calls, files, card processing services and more are scattered across the Internet, outages and unintelligent Internet routing can lead to severe disruption.  When faced with these outages and poor performing web applications we reach service providers that are overwhelmed and under performing.

Matrix Networks has a solution: Our goal is to provide internet optimized for your cloud applications without sacrificing the critical connections you have to branch locations and on premise equipment. MCaaS delivers a unique combination of innovative SD-WAN networking technology and circuit management  to increase bandwidth, improve reliability while providing network visibility. All of which is managed and monitored by Matrix Networks.  We seek diverse paths to your location and secure commodity grade, fast internet combined with SD-WAN technology you can keep your firewall solution or have us manage it, your choice. Using VPN technology we can ensure your remote locations are connected and secured. We are here to make it simple to do business, connecting users to the internet and on premise applications they need.

Large ISPs (Internet Service Providers) have a stranglehold on the business community, commanding high rates for insufficient performance and poor customer service. You deserve better! We are so passionate about this that we developed a Connectivity Bill of Rights to show you exactly what you should be getting from your communication partner. 

With MCaaS you will have a partner who is focused on the reliability of your Internet connections, so you can focus on more important things. This will enhance your network applications and help cloud based communication tools work the way they were designed to. No longer will your IT team spend its' days on hold with "customer service" calling the ISP. They will have one partner to handle it all. Here is our take on 5 keys to your next network.


Matrix Networks services increase bandwidth
 Faster, More Reliable Internet!
Increased Internet performance through diverse path optimization.
Redundant network design helps clients have more reliable Internet connections
 Fewer Support Tickets!
Built-in network redundancy and proactive monitoring for increased uptime.
Matrix Networks Partnerships are Infinite
 No More Calling the Carrier!
One partner for consolidated billing and carrier service management.


Single Site vs Multi Site MCaaS

As Matrix Networks uncovers more ways Connectivity as a Service can assist our client, it was clear that two flavors of the solution needed to be offered. One solution that focused on the delivery of reliable Internet with built-in redundancy and diverse path optimization technology, and another that delivered the same revolutionary Internet performance but with a focus on replacing cumbersome/expensive MPLS/VPL networks that are common among larger, multi-site organizations. Listed below are the various features that come with each of the service offerings:


MCaaS for the IT Administrator

Connectivity as a Service alleviates the pain associated with managing a network infrastructure. As an IT Administrator you are more than just "break fix," and MCaaS offers one partner for all carrier management. Our service implements modern SD-WAN technology to optimize your network and prioritize critical traffic to maximize cloud-based applications.

Fear the loss of control? Don't - with MCaaS you will have a level of transparency never experienced before. In fact you will often know that a problem has been solved before your end users and executives ever have time to pick up the phone. Our goal is to work with you to build a modern network that displaces cumbersome technology and delivers true results for your team.

Matrix Networks as a Dedicated Connectivity Partner 

It is our goal to be a trusted resource for you, to be an extension of your IT Team. With problem solving as the core value we provide our clients MCaaS has given us the ability to leverage over three decades of enterprise level network experience to deliver an unparalleled connectivity strategy.


Matrix Networks Connectivity as a Service Monthly Webcast