Cloud Phone Systems 

Cloud phone systems are quickly becoming the choice for businesses large and small. The importance of maintaining flexibility in technology and removing burden from the stretched IT team are only two of the many reasons organizations across the globe are making the switch.

We understand that communications play a key role in your organizations success. That is why choosing a business phone system that matches your organization's budget, desired growth plans and operational practices is so important. 

At Matrix, our goal is to bridge the gap between the wide variety of cloud phone vendors and the specific goals of your company. We help you steer clear of potential landmines while delivering on budget and feature set. Matrix partners with a variety of cloud phone providers but in most cases, organizations find an excellent fit in one of the three market leaders highlighted below.

RingCentral Cloud UC Phone System - Matrix Networks

 8x8 Cloud UC Phone System - Matrix Networks
Mitel | ShoreTel Cloud Phone System - Matrix Networks

Why Cloud Phone Systems Make Sense?

Cap Ex. vs Op Ex.

Implementing the right telephone system for your organization can be expensive. With cloud based solutions you can get the same enterprise grade benefits with a fixed monthly cost, allowing you to plan for future growth and stability. A cloud phone system generally costs only a fixed monthly charge. Note: It is important to have a trusted partner when navigating these terms, as there may be overlooked fees or feature loss if not appropriately negotiated.


The Truth About Cloud Phone System Pricing

Cloud Phone Pricing - the truth about cloud phone system pricing


No On Premise Hardware

Other than physical desk phones, all other infrastructure is housed at a separate location. This has several advantages: high level disaster recovery, mobility, and flexibility to name a few. When it comes to disaster recovery, you are taking advantage of scale, with high availability, redundant telepone connectivity and global infrastructure as a single business it is hard to compete. Hosting your phone system in the cloud allows you to have peace of mind regarding your business phones and still get the feature rich experience for your end users. Note: a good partner will also build in additional security related to your connectivity by utilizing dual circuit management and SD-WAN technology.

All Inclusive

Under a standard cloud phone system agreement, support, dial-tone (phone company bills), upgrades with new features and phones are usually included in your fixed monthly cost. This significantly reduces the complexity of predicting unforeseen costs related to replacing equipment or paying staff to repair your system.  With a cloud phone system you won't be on the hook for phone service from companies like CenturyLink or Level 3, instead it is wrapped into your monthly costs.  Check out our blog on pricing for more on this subject.

Advanced Features Always up to Date

With traditional phone systems, organizations had to spend an arm and a leg to get the enterprise grade features they desired. In today's telephony environment, organizations of all sizes can experience the benefits of high end telephony features through a reasonable fixed monthly cost. Additionally, as they grow, adding on additional features to fit new business directions is as simple as adding licenses and clicking "apply". Lastly, rather than scheduling exhaustive upgrades that take up time and resources, cloud phone systems are generally always up to the latest software version as upgrades are pushed virtually on the back end.

Added Benefits from our Concierge Service

  • Experienced in Network Design – Matrix Networks leverages over 30 years of experience evolving with telephony to build network infrastructure designed to handle the unique needs of cloud telephony. Not all data is created equal, it is important you have packet prioritization in place to ensure that voice is being prioritized. To learn more about this revolutionary technology check out our article on building the perfect network.
  • One Hand to Shake – Every cloud phone vendor will tell you they are the best fit for your organization. Matrix will help you evaluate what truly matters and help navigate the increasingly muddy waters. For a deeper look into Matrix Networks' most trusted cloud phone vendors, click one of the icons below.
  • Experienced Project Management - Did you know that 1 in 3 cloud phone system deployments fail?  Poor planning is typically the root cause. At Matrix Networks we have a proven track record of 30 years deploying, training and maintaining best of breed phone systems.  Project Management and planning is the key to a successful project, let us help you make it simple with our concierge service.


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