On-Premises Phone Systems

The traditional path to business telephony is owning and maintaining your hardware, whether you have an in-house IT staff or if you are working with a communication partner like Matrix Networks. Although Cloud Phone systems are the rage, for many organizations an IP Phone System is a better fit.  The long term costs are typically much lower and the control remains in your hands.  Matrix Networks' strategy from day 1 has been to make our client's sing our praises by shooting straight, exceeding expectations and technical prowess.  We love helping our clients migrate from legacy hardware to new lightweight software applications that improve their work lives.

ShoreTel On-Premises

In selecting an IP Voice solution, Matrix Networks wanted to find a partner who offered a Unified Communication solution that adapts to any company’s culture, processes, applications, and infrastructure. Most importantly, Matrix wanted a partner who puts people first. Enter ShoreTel.

ShoreTel provides a premise based solution that is scalable and will grow with your company. The system is manageable, easy to administer and learn so you can stop with all the telephony headaches. The single image architecture is unique to the IT world and delivers unprecedented reliability.  Lastly, ShoreTel boasts the industries lowest total cost of ownership – a significant factor when it comes times to justify the expense. Check out the full length on-site demo below to see how ShoreTel can work for you.



Why ShoreTel On-Premises?

ShoreTel continues to be the logical choice for mid to large enterprises.  It is flexible, scalable and highly resillient.  The solution has continued to develop and now offers cloud based, hybridization through their ShoreTel Connect release.  The Connect release offers a new desktop client that truly embeds all traditional UC in one place from web collab and IM to traditional call control.   ShoreTel is continuing to lead the way with innovation and a focus on customer experience.


From deployment to administration, implementing your new phone system is simple with ShoreTel and Matrix Networks. Users immediately experience the simplicity and ease of use that is built into both the phone hardware on their desk as well as the software on their workstation. Tying the two together delivers an intuitive user experience that increases productivity, enhances efficiency, and fosters team collaboration.

Peace of Mind

ShoreTel’s distributed architecture alone rises above of the competition, delivering 99.999% availability out of the box with 100% peace of mind that your connection to customers, vendors, and opportunity is always there. The unique on-site, appliance-based, IP PBX platform is designed to have no single point of failure and to deliver industry-leading quality of experience with the lowest total cost of ownership ( TCO ).

Key Benefits and Features

  • Mobility – Stay connected anywhere with ShoreTel Mobility, an application that gives mobile workers the same dynamic features they’ll find in the office, available on their mobile device
  • Presence – Allow end users to see who is available, on a call, in a meeting, or out of the office
  • Instant Message – Improve efficiency and collaboration with intuitive IM features
  • Conferencing – Brilliantly simple solutions for web and audio conferencing make collaboration stress-free

ShoreTel distributed architecture - phone system