MCaaS and SD-WAN Bill of Rights 

Here’s what you should expect and demand as you prepare your WAN for tomorrow.

The Right to Stay Connected. 

You have the right to stay connected, to your applications, with your clients, and each other. Using cutting edge SD-WAN technologies and the availability of high speed Internet Matrix Networks will build you a network that exceeds your expectations.

The Right to QoS.

No one who interacts with your business shall struggle to have a phone conversation due to quality issues. Together, we will build a network that your users can trust whether hosting a webinar or providing customer service. MCaaS delivers unparalleled Quality of Service that carriers simply cannot achieve.

The Right to True Customer Service.

No long hold times, experienced technicians on the frontlines, easy interaction is the expectation - not the exception. Your network is monitored, identifying trouble spots before they get out of hand. Whether you have a billing, technical or design question, same number, our close knit team will make sure you get the answers you need in a timely manner.

The Right to Speed.

Let's face it, we need more and more of it. Bandwidth is critical to the success of our companies. The ability to increase bandwidth as needed without paying a premium is something we all deserve and need. As our applications become richer, our bandwidth hasn't kept up, let's fix it together.

The Right to Simplified Billing.

No one likes to deal with billing so you are forced to make a tough decision, paying a premium and dealing with bandwidth restrictions to have a single carrier who will manage all locations or do I manage relationships and billing with many carriers, save money and increase my bandwidth. You have the right to both.

The Right to Use the Best Carrier Available.

Each region has investment from different carriers, forcing you to sacrifice high speed internet for simplicity of a single carrier experience. Our promise to you is that we can choose the carrier that fits your need, high speed, cost, reliability we look at all the factors and help you choose the right service for your business.

The Right to Migrate at Your Own Pace.

Whether you are migrating to a colocation facility, private cloud or public cloud we are all evolving. You have the right to migrate at the pace that makes sense for your business, not based on the demands of your network. A flexible and dynamic network is your right.

The Right to a Stress Free Network.

You have the right to know your network is consistently good. You have the right to know your network is monitored, giving you the peace of mind you need to sleep well at night.