SD-WAN | Bigleaf Networks and Matrix Networks

Why Matrix Networks partnered with local Portland firm, Bigleaf Networks, for SD-WAN implementations.

2017 will mark the year of connectivity and at the head of this movement is SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) technology. After the boom of cloud solutions that infiltrated the market in recent years it has become painfully obvious that while the tools are impressive, they do little to no good if there is not an intelligent, reliable network backbone to support the needed bandwidth and data requirements to optimize the user experience. When it comes to managing your business over the Internet, it’s important to have a connectivity solution in place that allows you to monitor your network and ensure performance and reliability to remote applications. To that end, SD-WAN is fast becoming the go-to option for companies both large and small who depend on Internet connectivity more each day. At Matrix, we believe so strongly in the power of SD-WAN and the importance of connectivity that we even created a Connectivity Bill of Rights that spells out exactly what you deserve as a client.

Part of how Matrix helps clients maximize the cloud experience is through MCaaS (Matrix Connectivity as a Service), and an imperative part of MCaaS is SD-WAN. In order to provide the best service possible, MCaaS needed a trustworthy partner for SD-WAN. Bigleaf was the clear choice.

Bigleaf Co-Founders Joel Mulkey and Jeff Burchet saw the importance of Internet reliability and started Bigleaf before SD-WAN was a word, initially calling it "Internet Optimization." The vision they share sets them apart -- a simple, plug and play network solution that delivers Internet like a carrier but respects the traffic and your business like a true partner

~ Kyle Holmes, Matrix Networks President

Intelligent Design = Peace of Mind

Bigleaf’s infrastructure is designed to provide SLA-backed services for mission-critical traffic. We know you’re trusting us to provide a very high level of reliability. The core network has full redundancy for all hardware and graceful failure adaptation built in to our software. Bigleaf also delivers multiple redundant tunnels across each of your ISP circuits to ensure quick fail over in the event of a core hardware or data center issue. Lastly, Bigleaf's multiple data centers throughout the United States provide geographic redundancy, and diverse backbone and peering connections to the Internet.

In short... no matter what the application, we can ensure a better connection.

Connectivity Bill of Rights

Our goal is your connection. Modern organizations need to know exactly what to expect when on-boarding Connectivity as a Service Strategies. To see a full list of your rights, click the icon below.

What you should expect from SD-WAN

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Intellegent_Load_Balance_BL_Icon1.pngIntelligent Load Balancing

Monitors circuit conditions, adapting load balancing in real-time to match application needs to system performance.

Dynamic_QOs_BL_Icon_3.pngDynamic QoS

Prioritizes VoIP and other real-time traffic across commodity Internet connection, even with varying bandwidth. 

Same_IP_Failover_BL_Icon_2.pngSame IP Address Failover

The benefits of BGP without the hassle and cost. All applications (even VoIP) stay connected when a circuit fails.

Plug_and_play_BL_Icon4.pngPlug-and-Play Provisioning

Simple setup and service changes, no complex configuration required.


How Does Bigleaf Work?

Bigleaf enhances your Internet performance by monitoring each of your Internet connections and automatically rerouting application traffic based on changing conditions. By tunneling your traffic between Bigleaf's cloud-based infrastructure and the plug-and-play router, we are able to have in-depth visibility and control to maximize the up time and performance of your Internet experience. Want to learn more? Click here to view a 30 minute webinar from co-founder Jeff Burchett.


Download our SD-WAN Solution Guide, featuring Bigleaf and VeloCloud.


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