8x8 Training Videos

8x8 Client Overview

Video Length (11:54)

Full walk through of 8x8 UCaaS client. Learn how to manage calls , access voicemail, access recent calls, faxing, meetings and more. 




8x8 Contacts Tab

Video Length (4:57)

Learn how to manage your contacts easily from your 8x8 client for single click or dial by extension access.




8x8 Live Calls

Video Length (4:57)

From dialing an extension, to conferencing and transferring, this training video will show you how to manage live calls using your 8x8 client.




8x8 Status Settings

Video Length (2:25)

Allow your organization to see if you are in a meeting, available to take calls or on vacation in this training video on how to use 8x8 status settings. 


8x8 Voicemails & Recent Calls

Video Length (4:47)

Need assistance accessing voicemails or viewing recent calls on your new 8x8 phone system? 




8x8 Meetings

Video Length (3:10)

Easily setup and join meetings using your 8x8 desktop client. Learn how below:




8x8 Faxing

Video Length (2:34)

8x8 allows you to send and receive fax simply with the click of a few buttons. Never stress over fax numbers again! Learn how below:




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