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Delivering exceptional client experiences through innovative solutions made simple. Whether your goal is improving Enterprise Communications, Internet Connectivity, or Network Infrastructure, our success is yours!  

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Perfecting Connections

Cloud Phones

Over 35 years of experience identifying, deploying, and supporting the industry's leading enterprise communication solutions.
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Internet Connectivity

Carrier-agnostic Business Internet with 24/7 proactive network monitoring, single-carrier billing, and expert connectivity design...
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Data Infrastructure

Premier Cisco/Merkai Partner. Dedicated to the strategic design and management of modern network infrastructure.
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Hospitality & Enterprise-grade WiFi built for reliability, speed, and coverage, with security at the forefront of every design.
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Contact Center

Proven vendor selection process with pre-sales project management ensures your Contact Center deployment is successful.
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Matrix Networks clients have the benefit of working with a partner who believes in "Defense-in-depth"...
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The Matrix Networks Difference

Matrix Connectivity as a Service

MCaaS Video
Matrix Connectivity as a Service (MCaaS) is a platform built upon client request that delivers a single partner for the design, management, and support of business Internet connectivity.

MCaaS has simplified the way our clients experience Internet connectivity by providing 24/7/365 support, proactive monitoring, carrier-agnostic circuit sourcing, built-in companywide redundancy, and consolidated billing.

Best of all, you never have to call the Carrier Service Provider again!

Matrix Networks Articles

Technology Education

Why don’t more Businesses Adopt SASE Solutions?

We humans have a tendency to make decisions based on what we’re most comfortable with. Because I rarely go out to restaurants, whenever I do, I choose only those dishes that I know are good. I don’t want to be dissatisfied on a rare trip to one of my favorite restaurants. I also know the best...

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Does my Business have a Contact Center?

My dad got a new set of golf clubs a few years ago, which was big for him. As a traditionalist, he had a hard time moving on from his wooden clubs that he learned to play with in high school, so upgrading to a new set was pivotal.

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Endless API Possibilities

We’ve all been there. Sitting at our workspace, wondering why all these programs we’re working with can’t work together. According to Kyle Holmes, CEO of Matrix Networks, the average employee in the US uses at least eight different applications in their day-to-day tasks. Small companies average...

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Get off Cruise Control! Introduce Disruptive Technology as Opportunities Emerge

If you were asked a year ago, “What will 2020 be like?” few could imagine the reality. The grim truths of COVID, the protests for racial reckoning, and the most significant economic downturn since the Great Depression would have you guessing the apocalypse had come. Indeed, these are difficult...

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Improving Customer Experience in a Digital World - A Lockdown Story

As many aspiring baseballers can attest, hitting a curveball is hard. The bigger the curve, the harder it is to hit it. Hitters must see it as soon as possible and adjust their swing to make clean contact.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a huge curveball, affecting many aspects of our lives. From...

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Client Testimonials 

The service is outstanding. Whenever I have an issue, concern or just need to discuss technology, the response is always timely and meets or exceeds expectations. I grew up in the same Telephony-based world as the Matrix folks and knew based on my experience that they would be a partner I not only could depend on but that they had my back around every technology turn. I have never been disappointed by my choice and the Trail Blazers organization has benefited from their commitment to excellence.

Lou Pallotta
Telecommunications Manager

Matrix Networks is an amazing company to work with. I've had the pleasure to work with them on two major projects. I continue to work with them for two main reasons; their in-depth knowledge of connectivity and voice options and services, but mostly because of their integrity.

Nate Kraemer
Nate Kraemer

Their attention to detail and really finding out how our company operates speaks volumes to how they treat their clients. It saved a lot of time during meetings to have Matrix  Networks participate and assist during the implementation of RingCentral. They completely understand our company and know the RingCentral solution inside and out, which helped bridge any gaps in communication that we would have seen otherwise. They understood our goals and are dedicated to helping us achieve them.

Tami Jensen
Tami Jensen
Vice President