All things DO NOT belong in the Cloud. Our mission is to help you identify what does by providing a single point of contact that understands your growth plans and communication strategy. Our specialties include Disaster Recovery (DR) strategies, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Desktop as a Service (DaaS), and hosted phone systems.



Portland's Partner for Cloud Based IT Solutions

Having a local partner matters. Whether your goal as an IT administrator or business owner is to improve communications, empower your mobile work force, becoming more efficient, or save money on IT costs, Matrix Networks will apply over 30 years of experience to evaluate the very best solutions and provide you with a plan that is best for your organization.  

Cloud Phones

More businesses are turning toward the cloud for their telephony needs as they recognize the cost savings both from dollars spent (cap ex vs. op ex.) and time/energy spent maintaining a business phone system. Because today’s hosted voice solutions come with similar feature sets as enterprise grade premise offerings, we are able to empower all sizes of business with 21st century voice.  Learn more about Hosted Voice 

Cloud Video Conferencing

Office 365 offers a variety of Business and Enterprise plans that offer varying services and tools, working with an expert that understands their plans and your businesses desires can help ensure you don't overspend on tools you don't need or find yourself pinching pennies in the wrong places.  Learn more about Office 365 Deployments

Office 365 Deployments 

Microsoft Exchange is the World’s leading corporate email platform. Help your business achieve its messaging goals by combining our service platform with Microsoft enterprise software for maximum performance, availability, and flexibility.  Learn more about Hosted Office

Servers in the Cloud

Onsite servers are expensive; they take up critical space and devour IT resources. With servers in the cloud, you can free up your IT team to focus on other initiatives and avoid critical downtime through disaster recovery options only found in the hosted environment. Learn more about Virtual Servers

Virtual Desktop

Empowering mobile work forces and maximizing efficiency is at the heart of Desktop in the Cloud. With VDI technology, it is simple and cost effective to deploy common work environments that can scale up or down as needed. Furthermore, with virtualized desktop you reduce your investments in aging hardware and help protect against critical data loss. Learn more about Virtual Desktops

PC Back-up in the Cloud

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your organization’s PC data and image are being securely and automatically backed-up in the Cloud. What does downtime cost your organization per day, hour, minute? PC Backup in the Cloud allows you to minimize the downtime experienced in a disaster recovery situation and get back up and running in no time. Learn more PC Back-up in the Cloud


Virtual Files Storage/Collaboration

Virtual file storage allows organizations to securely store their critical documents and data. Matrix Networks takes this one step further by delivering an innovative solution that also provides robust file storage with seamless and secure collaboration capabilities. Learn more about Virtual File Storage

Mobile Device Management

The trends are undeniable: bring your own device (BYOD) and corporate-issued mobile device management is a must for the 21st century business. Now more than ever, organizations need a way to administer, and more importantly, control information associated with mobile devices. Matrix Networks has done the research and selected the best solutions possible to help you manage the wave of mobile technology. Learn more about MDM

Hosted Fax

Today’s businesses still have a need to send/receive faxes. . But that doesn’t mean we can’t make the process simpler for end users, less expensive on bottom lines, and better for the environment. Learn more about Hosted Faxing