Video Collaboration

Video brings people together simply and conveniently for more effective collaboration and greater connection to the information they need. HD Video Conferencing  makes communicating across the city or around the world as seamless and simple as being in the same room – minus the time and expense of travel!

Video Collaboration - iMeet

Meet. Call. Share. Chat. Collaborate. Take one look at iMeet® and it will change the way you think about online meetings and virtual collaboration. Matrix Networks has been a partner with PGi/iMeet since 2014 and seen success time and time again. Whether that is because of the ease of deployment or its simple functionality, iMeet's intuitive web based platform makes deploying and maintaining the solution simple. See video below to learn more:



Lifesize Video Conferencing

To go beyond consumer grade video and take your organization to the next level you need a partner that understands the complexities of  designing, implementing, and maintaining a solution that fits your organizations vision for communication. That is why Matrix Networks chose to partner with  LifeSize, the industry leader in HD Video Conferencing.



On-premises HD Video Conferencing from Lifesize

Enterprise grade, on-premise video conferencing is not for everyone. For those organizations that demand the absolute best, require customization, and complete control of security, LifeSize On-premise is ideal. Learn more about On-Premise HD Video Conferencing

Cloud Based Video Conferencing from Lifesize

Hosted video solutions from Matrix Networks and LifeSize deliver the most complete solution for desktop and mobile video collaboration on the market. Our solutions are designed for wherever, whenever collaboration. Learn more about LifeSize in the Cloud