Partnership for Office 365 Migrations

Office 365 Migration and Support

There is no doubt that Office 365 is here to stay and a near certainty for any organization wishing to continue on with Microsoft's powerfully built productivity applications. The concept is simple, move your infrastructure into Microsoft's Azure data centers, purchase everything on a subscription plan with included upgrades and access to their most powerful tools. Office 365 is one of the strongest examples of improvement through cloud applications we have seen. At Matrix Networks our goal is to help you identify the correct plan for you business, head off challenges with deployment and provide training and guidance in setting up corporate policies and best practices. The tools provided are immensely powerful, but can be complex to take full advantage of. With the help or our partnership you will gain more than "hosted email," learning what additional products fit in your business and how to gain adoption.

The Right Fit

The first step in evaluating a Office 365 deployment is identifying your requirements and goals. It is important to analyze what products could be used to displace existing applications to simplify and reduce cost. From this process we select a plan that provides the necessary tools to see your plan to fruition. Office 365 offers a variety of Business and Enterprise plans that offer varying services and tools, working with an expert that understands their plans and your businesses desires can help ensure you don't overspend on tools you don't need or find yourself pinching pennies in the wrong places.

Planning an Office 365 Migration

After you have selected your appropriate Microsoft package it is time to start thinking about the nuts and bolts. Migration from an on premise solution to the cloud platform can be challenging and complex. The expectation from staff is that this is a simple button press and POOF you are in the cloud, the reality isn't quite as nice. You must think about bandwidth constraints as you migrate mailboxes, hybrid environments, support models and much more (great article on 10 major gotchas to avoid). This is where Matrix Networks experience with Enterprise technology and Office 365 gives you the best chance for a successful roll out.


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Adoption of Office 365

The most overlooked aspect of an Office 365 deployment is the adoption by end users. We provide our users all these amazing tools then they stare back at us, eyes glazed over, completely shell shocked by the wide variety of new applications to learn. The process of training and creating processes around your new Office 365 environment is not as simple as it sounds. Understanding the nuanced differences between Teams, Outlook Groups and Sharepoint Sites for example can prevent immense heartburn and user frustration. By clearly communicating how to use the tools through instructor led training, specific training video catalogs and cheat sheets we can gently lead our users to the water. Unless you have an advocate within the organization who not only has experience with Office 365, but also with technology planning, end-user training and policy building you must consider hiring an expert to assist.

Office 365: The Future

There are plenty of reasons to feel hesitant about Office 365, lack of control, ongoing subscription costs, Microsoft, but the value far outweighs the risk. The included tool set addresses complex problems like internal collaboration, file sharing, instant communication across all devices, including disparate workforces, and project planning. Microsoft is rolling out new tools, integrations, and platforms at an incredible pace, on-premises deployments run the risk of being outdated in months instead of years. The power of Microsoft's scale ensure they are cutting edge in data loss prevention, security and compliance. The web based and smart phone enabled applications truly deliver on our desire as businesses to break free of a desk, instead working however and whenever convenient.

As the office environment continues to evolve, so too shall we as a business community. Matrix Networks will be here every step of the way to ensure you have the tools you need to be successful and the resources to help your organization grow.


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