Servers in the Cloud

With virtualized servers from Matrix Networks you will receive on-demand capacity with the best infrastructure tools and utilities available. With out taking a close look at what infrastructure challenges you desire to overcome it is difficult to provide a solution. Luckily, with over 30 years of experience in technology, Matrix Networks has the expertise to help you select a hosted server solution that is perfect for your organization.

Long gone are the days of running around patching problems and fixing bugs, with hosted servers you can reduce risk, eliminate headaches, and save money.


5 Keys to Building a Modern Cloud Network

Building the perfect network for Cloud technology

Why Virtualized Servers?


Management of virtual servers is easier because you can simply connect to the servers console remotely without the need for special access hardware. You can also duplicate virtual servers and create templates to quickly and easily create new ones.

Reduced Headaches

Having your servers hosted off0-site means your IT team is free to work on other projects and forget about the mundane maintenance of on-site servers. Whether working with an experienced Matrix Networks Pro-Tech or one of our value added partners, you can rest assured your IT infrastructure is safe and secure.

Cost Savings

Hosting your servers in the Cloud allows you to scale your operations as needed so that you are not wasting space and only paying for what you need. Experience enterprise-class infrastructure at a fraction of the cost with virtualized Servers.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Improved Uptime and Reliability – When you host your servers off-site you add a layer of added protection that is simply not possible with premise based solutions.
  • Faster Processing – Empower your organization with the latest and greatest in server technology. When you select a virtualized server environment you ensure yourself that you will always have the best technology at your fingertips and not be forced to rip and replace old hardware to keep up with the changing times.
  • One Hand to Shake – From virtual servers to hosted voice, Matrix Networks can be your one partner for Cloud based communication and IT solutions, taking the hassle out of relationship management and streamlining your operations, billing, and end user training.


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