Virtual Desktop

Virtual desktop allows businesses to host their desktops from a centralized server or data center enabling ease of scalability and ultimate functionality. With VDI technology you can empower your mobile workforce by allowing them access to their desktop from anywhere at anytime, no longer being chained to the workplace, constrained by email transfers, and flash drives to stay productive on the road.

When it comes to disaster recovery, virtual desktop is a key cog. This technology allows users to be up and running with a few clicks in a secure environment in nearly any situation. Speaking of security, Matrix Networks has selected a partner for VDI that delivers industry leading security features that store data in secure Tier 3, Class 1 data centers that feature numerous strict security policies.


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Why Virtualized Desktop?

Cost Savings

Eliminate up front capital expenses for hardware, storage, maintenance, and extra personnel. In the hosted environment these elements are illuminated, allowing you to focus on what your business does best. When you deploy a virtual desktop solution from Matrix Networks you will only pay for what you need, not be stuck wasting money and energy on large capital investments.

Embrace Mobility

Our end users are more mobile than ever before. Adding VDI to your mobile strategy is one more tool that empowers your workforce to be more productive on the road, giving them a familiar environment from any device with access to critical documents and applications that keep your business running, no matter where it takes you.

Disaster Recovery

Many organizations today are too vulnerable to disasters. With the full redundancy that our partner’s virtualization solutions provide, you can protect yourself and your business. With Cloud Recovery from RapidScale your business can stay in touch with clients, employees, and data –  keeping you moving forward.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Ease of Access – End users can get to their familiar desktop and begin working in just a few clicks. This streamlines productivity and empowers your workforce to maximize their time.
  • Better for the Environment – Reduce the amount of equipment and energy needed to perform businesses process with VDI solutions from Matrix Networks.
  • Enhanced Security – VDI solutions from Matrix Networks come with on-premises guards, key card protocol, biometric scanners, digital surveillance and recording, and exterior security systems, just to name a few. Feeling safe yet?


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