PC Back-up in the Cloud

In place of the traditional technique of storing backups on an external hard drive, more and more companies are turning to the hosted environment to store data backups on servers in the Cloud. PC backup requires no additional hardware and automatically backs up data when the PC is idle. This is, as you might guess, extremely convenient for end users and delivers peace of mind for administrators. However, choosing what service to use is not as simple. With multiple options available in today’s hosted marketplace, you need a partner who has done the research and knows the pros and cons associated with this critical initiative.

Matrix Networks partners with the industries leading providers for PC backup in the Cloud. It is our goal to provide simple, yet powerful control in a virtual environment, we are able to deliver a highly secure and simple to deploy solution that provides 24/7 support that is affordable for any business.


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Why PC Back-up in the Cloud?


Our solution for PC Backup is simple; once installed there is little to nothing to think about. The software runs seamlessly, securely backing up your critical data and documents to a secure environment that is just as easy to locate as it is to backup.

Peace of Mind

Rest assured that your business data can be restored in minutes in case of theft, loss, or corruption to their desktops, laptops or servers. PC Backup runs in the background to provide near-continuous data protection that’s easy to set up and use.

Cost Effective

With simple per-user, per-month pricing that eliminates large up front capital expenditures, your organization can experience the ease and peace of mind that all businesses should experience and deserve in today’s technology environment.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Flexibility – Available for both Windows and Mac desktop and server operating systems, no matter what your organization uses, you are good to go with easy to install software and unmatched support.
  • Ultimate Security – Our solutions for PC Backup use military-grade, 128-bit SSL encryption.
  • Ultimate Control – Administering your PC Backup solution is simple with an easy to use online portal that allows you to seamlessly add and delete users with a few clicks, as well as see individual storage usage statistics.


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