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All small businesses historically share a common experience when it relates to technology. The cost of enterprise class hardware, support, and deployment is cost-prohibitive and the complexity too high.  This has given larger enterprises a competitive edge, but that edge is slowly crumbling with the rise in a new technology: Cloud-based solutions. Matrix Networks focuses on helping small businesses close the competitive gap by offering enterprise class solutions with a small business price tag through our cloud and hardware partners.

Cloud Tools

Matrix Networks’ Cloud products give our clients flexible feature-rich technology designed for their business. The Cloud’s unique pay-as-you-go model allows businesses to scale their tools up and down for the seasons of their business. Support responsibilities shift from your business to the Cloud provider, reducing exposure and ensuring quality support. The disaster recovery strategies employed by our partners is superior to the failover strategies employed even by the largest enterprises.

Matrix Networks can help you migrate strategic assets to the Cloud. Let us help you identify what should and shouldn’t be in the Cloud.

There are five primary benefits to a Small Business Cloud strategy:

  • Reduced Costs: Cloud-hosted server and desktops allow for mass-scale computer power and physical storage while minimizing the responsibilities of the business IT team.
  • Mobility: Cloud-hosted desktops and Software as a Service allow users to access their files and tools from anywhere, on any device.
  • Collaboration: Accessing and sharing files from anywhere, Web and Video Conferencing Tools, Chat and much more.
  • Risk Management:  Cloud security is robust with off-site backup that is secure from potential viruses and other cyber-security issues.
  • Improved Efficiencies:  The latest tools are always included with Cloud Products, ensuring your business continues to stay current as technology continues to advance without expensive hardware upgrades and added complexity.

Why it Sucks to Work with Carriers - Part 1

It sucks to work with Carrier Service Providers, or ISPs, Matrix Networks can help with that!

Concierge Services

As you begin the process of developing a cloud migration strategy you will discover there are always physical components of the virtual world that must be addressed appropriately. Matrix Networks works with our partners to guarantee a successful deployment by bridging the gap between these two worlds.  Regardless of whether your data is in the Cloud or in your building, the physical devices that your business uses have an impact on the performance of your future Cloud solutions. Our first step is to take a holistic view of your current technology environment and identify the possible weaknesses. We take the gathered information and make a recommendation on how to approach your Cloud strategy with reliability, security, and performance in mind.

Keep your Capital

Technology is a critical component of every business, but rarely does it result in the fastest return on investment for your business. Instead of investing in sales and marketing, product development, talented engineers, or other tools that impact the bottom line, too many businesses are sinking their money into aging technology products. The world of Cloud turns this concept on its head by giving businesses an option to stay current, paying only for what they use, without investing in aging equipment. By changing the model from a capital expenditure to an operating expense, our clients have condensed their upfront investments, controlled their ongoing costs, and reduced their IT burden.  Matrix Networks is here to help you take advantage of these tools with a smooth transition to the Cloud.

Cloud Solutions Offered by Matrix Networks

Why Matrix Networks?

Matrix Networks is a proud Northwest based company with over 30 years of experience deploying business grade communications solutions. We understand the challenges facing today's businesses and have evolved with technology, making Matrix, the clear choice for communication partnerships. To learn more about the partners we work with and the solutions we have implemented, visit our Testimonials Page to read through success stories featuring organizations just like yours.


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