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Complexity is the most common challenge among our growing Healthcare clientele. The effects of government regulation have expanded the complex environment that is current healthcare technology.  Our promise to you: We’ll help you control the ever-increasing cost of information technology in Healthcare by deploying reliable products and providing support for your critical technology solutions.

Healthy Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi)

Not only is your wireless network important for your staff efficiency, great Wi-Fi is important for enhancing the resident experience. Improving the guest experience is important and as the world continues to migrate to mobile solutions, our clients are becoming increasingly reliant on their wireless LAN for connection to:

  • EHR solutions
  • Communications Tools
  • File Sharing and Collaboration

On the horizon: utilizing wireless technology securely for instant communication regardless of physical location. Another new feature allows tracking devices like anesthetic machines to ensure high utilization of expensive technology. The power of wireless technology is not without risk of security and HIPAA violations. Matrix Networks will work with your team to identify the tools that need network connectivity and design a solution that protects your data while allowing the mobility and productivity your team desires.

Communications Tools that Fit

The Affordable Health Care Act has generated an influx of new patients and created exponential growth opportunities for those who can handle it. Your communications platform should be the heart of your strategy. Think about:

  • Patient relationship management
  • Scheduling
  • Reminder calls

Of course that’s just half the coin... Think about empowering your staff and managers with great tools that allow:

  • Enhanced reporting
  • Priority phone queueing
  • Quality control

These tools must match the expectations of your perspective and current patients. We find that by reducing wait times and providing effective tools to monitor and evaluate staff, our clients have increased revenue and improved their customer satisfaction scores.

Your organization's phone system does more than just connect with the outside world; it is also a primary tool for internal collaboration of your staff. Modern business phone systems have evolved into Unified Communications platforms that give your team many ways to connect. Programs like instant message, enterprise SMS support, mobile device support, and integrations to core systems like Outlook or Gmail are critical not only for efficiencies with current staff but also for the purpose of attracting new talent to your practice. 

Virtualization Practice

Desktops and servers are recurrent characters in every IT Manager’s nightmare. Keeping these tools available and current is a real life challenge for every business; HIPAA just adds to that challenge. Matrix Networks offers a virtual desktop and server solution that provides you a reliable, always-current technology solution and a complete HIPAA audit trail for all your data. Our disaster resistant virtualization products allow our clients to scale machines up and down seamlessly, adding processing power as they need it. Staff members can connect on the devices you choose to support working seamlessly and securely wherever you see fit. Our virtualized desktop, server, and backup products allow our IT Managers to sleep easy knowing their data is secure and available with a simplified support process.

MobileVideo Fitness

Enterprise Video plays a significant role in health Medical Practices across the nation. Staff members are using secure HIPAA compliant video solutions to collaborate on patient records, conduct staff meetings, or interviews with prospective employees or residents. Tele-medicine is a powerful tool that allows doctors to see more patients while limiting the spread of disease by allowing the patients the option to connect from home. Matrix Networks strategizes with our Healthcare partners to design specific solutions that solve these challenges, shrinking the geographic barriers, and opening the door to new, better ways of providing care.


Why Matrix Networks?

Matrix Networks is a proud Northwest based company with over 30 years of experience deploying business grade communications solutions. We understand the challenges facing today's businesses and have evolved with technology, making Matrix, the clear choice for communication partnerships. To learn more about the partners we work with and the solutions we have implemented, visit our Testimonials Page to read through success stories featuring organizations just like yours.


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