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Complex network infrastructure, aging hardware, outdated software, and disparate systems are just a few challenges associated with technology implementations within government agencies. The effects of government regulation, the need for secure environments, and the desire to keep costs low make for a perfect storm of complexity. A storm Matrix Networks revels in. Here are a few ways we can help:

Phone Systems for Government Agencies

Phone communication is the primary method most citizens use to connect with government agencies and public servants. Simple, efficient, and reliable phone systems are an essential component of any successful government agency. Most modern phone systems will include all the modern UC features – voicemail, desktop faxing, instant messaging, conferencing, call reporting, call recording, music-on-hold, directory assistance, presence, and much more. The question is, what phone system is right for your agency and who do you trust to implement it? To learn more about the phone system solutions offered by Matrix Networks, click here.

For over three decades Matrix Networks has been deploying, monitoring, and maintaining phone systems and unified communication solutions for government agencies, counties, and municipalities. There are many Governmental organizations choose Matrix Networks:

  • Unparalleled experience implementing UC solutions, supported by an in depth understanding of network infrastructure, legacy analog applications and advanced applications like Contact Center, System Integrations and Custom call flow design.
  • Experience navigating government purchasing programs, along with established vendor relationships allow Matrix Networks to provide substantial discounts that other service providers are unable to obtain. To learn more contact a Matrix Networks representative here.
  • Strong Project Management process to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget.
  • Industry leading engineering team for design and delivery of complex solutions.

ShoreTel Partner Support

Whether you are an existing ShoreTel customer looking for a more effective partner support experience, or, you are looking to enhance your telecommunications environment with the world's leading choice for on-prem VoIP phone systems. Matrix Networks is the Northwest's first choice for ShoreTel Partner Support. At Matrix, we service over 50,000 end-points, several thousand of which are government agencies and municipalities.

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ShoreTel Support from Matrix Networks, Portland Oregon's premier ShoreTel Support Partner

Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) for Government Agencies

Government agencies are increasingly reliant on their wireless LAN for connection to provide employees, clients, and visitors with reliable and secure Wi-Fi. Great Wi-Fi allows access to communication tools, file sharing, relationship management software, and all applications that help government agencies communicate with the public (and each other).

However, Wi-Fi is no longer just about streaming great cat videos and accessing Facebook. Government agencies are learning that as the IoT (Internet of Things) continues to take a strong hold in today's world, the way in which we leverage Wi-Fi must change too. The ability for agencies to leverage Wi-Fi for initiatives such as tracking critical assets like trucks, construction materials, or medicine supplies is one of a hundred ways to leverage your investment. Matrix Networks is here to guide you through your options, and we back every Wi-Fi deployment with our Wireless Guarantee that ensures your peace of mind knowing the solution you choose will match your expectations. To learn more about the Wi-Fi solutions provided by Matrix Networks visit our Wi-Fi Solutions Page Here.


Infrastructure Strategy | Data Storage | Compliance

Compliance and Data Storage: The amount of information that is stored and processed digitally in today's world is staggering. The flow of digital information within government agencies must adhere to the regulations that govern the information they collect. When it comes to meeting compliance regulations for storing sensitive information, government agencies must be careful in the solutions (and partners) they select. Matrix Networks has extensive experience working with government agencies to deploy data center solutions that are rigorously, audited by independent agencies each year to ensure its compliance with various regulatory demands. 

Network Infrastructure: as technology continues to evolve, the need for strategic network infrastructure becomes increasingly important. Moving to the modern technologies such as a new phone system requires a thoughtful approach for all aspects, from managing ever-increasing recurring costs, to how you plan to move data to and from cloud platforms.  The first place to begin your preparation has to be the network. 

MCaaS: Matrix Networks Connectivity as a Service provides our clients connectivity through best available commodity Internet circuits optimized and managed by Matrix Networks SD-WAN design. Our job is to find two circuits with diverse paths, delivered to your location by our team with ongoing support and monitoring.  We handle all service related to your Wide Area Network, calling the local carrier on your behalf and maximizing performance and up time. Instead of receiving bills from each carrier, Matrix Networks consolidates billing and contracts, simplifying life for administrative staff.

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SD-WAN & Networking Education. Matrix Networks, Bigleaf Networks, and VeloCloud


Communications Tools that Fit | The Right Partner for Support

The technologies you select effect every aspect of your organization. Choosing the right partner to assist with infrastructure strategy, phone system deployments, migrations to the cloud, and more are paramount to achieving long-term success. Matrix Networks has over three decades of experience deploying, monitoring, and maintaining innovative solutions that help businesses and government agencies grow and thrive. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you.


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