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Frequently Asked Questions

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. To put it simply your voice call is transmitted as a series of packets over your existing data network and decoded by the IP phone to create a sensational sounding call.

What is Unified Communications?

Communications tools integrated to optimize your business processes.

What is Mobility?

The ability to include tablets, cellular phones, laptops and other mobile devices as part of your Enterprise communications solution.

What is a POTS or Copper line?

POTS is an acronym for Plain Old Telephone Service. These are the classic circuits provided by companies like CenturyLink and AT&T, allowing for a single call to pass from the larger phone network (PSTN) and the internal PBX system provided by Matrix Networks.

What is a PBX?

PBX stands for Public Branch Exchange. This is the brain of your communications systems providing the necessary switching to ensure calls are routed to their correct location and much more. All “Phone Systems” are some form of PBX, Digital, IP or Hybrid are the most common solutions today.

What is a Hybrid PBX?

A Hybrid PBX is a digital PBX that has been enhanced through the use of IP Cards to support IP phones and some IP type features like voicemail to email or flexibility in working from home. These Hybrid systems are typically more cumbersome to administer and use, require more contracted work and do not provide the functionality of a true iPBX.

What is an iPBX?

An iPBX is a purely IP based communications platform. These platforms offer the most flexibility, scalability and functionality of any PBX type. The iPBX protects our clients’ investments by continuing to provide upgraded software that keeps the system current and highly reliable for a much longer lifespan than a Hybrid or Digital system.

What will I need for more my network to deploy an iPBX?

You will need to ensure you have data switches that can handle PoE and support Layer 3 routing. All IP phones come with two ports protecting our clients from the need to rewire an office during a change from a digital to an iPBX.

What is the ShoreTel Communicator?

A desktop interface that allows users to control phone calls, manage the way calls route to various devices and access general information about communications like call history, contact presence and directories.

Where is Matrix Networks located?

Matrix Networks has been located in Portland, OR since its inception in 1984. We support companies all over the world including on 4 different continents, and in 48 of the 50 states. Address: 4243 SE International Way Suite C, Portland Or, 97222.

What is a typical timeline for installation?

Installs can vary greatly based on complexity, current volume of business at Matrix Networks, availability of products and many other factors. Typically an install from the time of purchase to completion takes less than one month.

Does Matrix Networks support our solution long term?

Yes, Matrix Networks looks to form a partnership with our clients that we continue to develop through world class customer satisfaction and by providing solutions and support for communications to our clients.

What are the payment terms at Matrix Networks?

Our standard payment terms on new installations is 50% down, 40% prior and 10% net 10.

What forms of payment does Matrix Networks accept?

Check, Credit Card, ACH

What is Partner Support?

An agreement between Matrix Networks, our client and the vendor that provides the product to support our client. This support mechanism includes hardware warranty, software upgrades, ongoing training, off-site backups and many other services key to our clients’ long term success.

Where can I see the solutions in person?

Matrix Networks provides onsite demos of our products, in-house demos at Matrix Networks in addition to our regular learning events hosted around town. Click here to learn more about our events or to have someone contact you about scheduling a demonstration.

What is 802.11x?

o Answer: This is the protocol for wireless internet also known as WLAN.

What is Beam Forming Technology?

Beam Forming technology is a proprietary solution from Ruckus Wireless that focuses radio energy towards current users increasing wireless throughput and coverage?

What is an ISP?

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider; these companies are the backbone of the World Wide Web and provide Clients physical connectivity to the larger internet.