Wi-Fi for Enterprise and SMB

Whether your business is in transportation, warehousing, retail, healthcare, education, or anything in between – Ruckus Wireless has unique applications that fit your needs. Ruckus Wireless designed by Matrix Networks delivers our partners better coverage, improved throughput, and interference avoidance. The applications for WiFi are immense, allowing for mobility, control of physical environments, monitoring, cellular augmentation for calls, location tracking services, inventory guns and much more.  Properly deployed, WiFi provides higher bandwidth than traditional wired connections at a lower cost.  With the adoption of devices like MacBooks, tablets and the Microsoft Surface many devices have literally ditched the Ethernet Port entirely, making a strong case for just adopting WiFi that can support an Enterprise experience.

Matrix Networks has been deploying complex, application driven WiFi networks for the better part of two decades.  This experience includes challenging outdoor environments using solar for power, to high density Conference Centers gives us the advantage of having been there before.  Our goal is to identify the purposes of your WiFi network, help you identify possible future demands and design a system that meets your current and future needs without sacificing budget.  



Why Ruckus WiFi for Enterprise and SMB?

Ease of Administration

Easy to install, configure, and scale – Ruckus delivers businesses the power they crave with the simplicity they need. We all want WiFi that simply works. You don’t have time to worry about a down AP, or customer complaints that the wireless isn’t working. Focus on what your organization does best and leave the tech to us.

Superior WiFi

No other wireless provider on the planet delivers ubiquitous coverage like Ruckus. With BeamForming technology and ZoneFlex APs with adaptive signal strength, Ruckus is able to deliver the most dynamic solution on the market. The Access Points themselves are incredible radios, two to three times It adapts to any WiFi environment ensuring your employees remain connected and productive; your users remain satisfied, and all the while you can rest easy knowing you made the right investment.

Unmatched Value

With fewer Access Points needed to deliver superior coverage you lower your capital expenditure. Because Ruckus Wireless systems are so easy to manage you can easily increase savings from reduced operational expenses. Lastly, with Matrix Networks as your valued partner you will have a trusted resource that understands your business and is here to help you grow.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Adaptive Signal Control – Direct connectivity to devices that are actually using WiFi
  • Patented Radio Driven Beamforming - Cover more square footage with fewer access points, avoiding channel conflict and keeping costs down.  
  • Interference Mitigation – As more of our users demand to use mobile devices, eating up bandwidth, the need to navigate through all the noise increases – Ruckus Channel Fly is the answer.
  • Ubiquitous WiFi coverage – Get better coverage using fewer APs. Aka: Save money and improve the WiFi experience for your customers and employees
  • Simple, simple, simple – A smarter wireless LAN that self-optimizes and is super simple to manage

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