At Matrix Networks, we take pride in providing technical expertise that goes above and beyond the average service provider experience. Leveraging over 3 decades of experience, Pro-Techs are at the core of what separates Matrix Networks from the competition. In on-premises installations, Pro-Techs are on the front lines, installing and maintaining every system deployed by Matrix Networks. When you choose Matrix Networks as your communication partner, you have peace of mind knowing that the technicians installing your solution will get the job done right.

What Makes Them a Pro-Tech?

  • 100% Certified
  • Average of 26 years in the communication industry
  • Average of 13 years with Matrix Networks

Committed to Excellence

Every Matrix Networks Pro-Tech receives ongoing training and education, ensuring a culture of knowledge and industry expertise. 

When choosing new technology for your organization two questions should come to mind:

1) Is the solution I am selecting a good fit for the culture and direction of my organization?

2) Is the partner I have selected to implement this solution an expert, capable of problem solving and working with me to help ensure a successful launch? 

As an organization, we are here to assist with the first question - our Pro-Techs are hear to ensure the second.